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Q&A with UofSC Cheerleader and 2nd Semester Senior, Lauren Finamore

How do you balance school and cheerleading?

Balancing cheer and nursing school can be difficult. School will always be my number one priority! I have been extremely lucky to have both programs work with me in creating a schedule that allows me to do both of my passions. I typically work a 12 hour, 7am-7pm shift and then head straight to practice from 7pm-10pm. If I have to travel, the laptop will always be with me for bus/plane rides, so that quizzes, papers, and studying will be done before the game/practice starts.

What is your favorite part of being a UofSC cheerleader?

I love my Gamecock sports! If you look closely, there's the one cheerleader that's in the typical Muschamp sideline position screaming at the field, not paying attention to the signs. That cheerleader is me.

Why did you choose nursing as your major?

I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare! I think there's something beautiful and powerful about being part of someone's story. Nursing is ever-changing, you can never get bored and you can be a huge part of why someone smiles, even while going through a difficult experience!

What is one unique opportunity that you’ve had as a nursing major?

Oh gosh, I don't even know where to begin with this! Nursing has given me so many unique opportunities. I think one of my favorite experiences that I've had was spending an entire day in the OR. I love watching surgeries, so I was really excited to spend an entire day dedicated to doing that.

What do you have planned after you gradate in December?

I am looking to work in PICU or NICU! I recently got an offer for a NICU in Atlanta and I’m waiting to hear back about a PICU interview.

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