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Connor Lanigan, BSN Student

Connor Lanigan What brought you to the College of Nursing and what do you want to do with  your  degree?
 What inspired me to earn a degree with the College of Nursing is the satisfaction that I feel when   helping others and the inspiration my mother, an ER nurse, gave me during my childhood. I chose   USC specifically due to its’ amazing track record as a South Carolina nursing school. I hope to work   as a PICU or Pediatric ER nurse with my degree.

 What is most challenging as a nursing student?
 The most challenging thing that I have faced as a nursing student is managing my time. Nursing   school is very rigorous and balancing the course load along with other extracurricular activities and   your own social life can be very difficult at times.


What is one skill you believe every nurse should possess?
One skill every nurse should possess is critical thinking. Nurses are responsible for an extremely large portion of a patient’s care and well-being. A sharp eye and a quick wit can make a huge difference in a patient’s healing process.

What is/was your favorite class?
My favorite class so far has to be Health Assessment. I have learned so many incredibly helpful skills in determining the wellness of a patient. Some health assessment techniques blew me away with how unique and practical they were. As a bonus, the class was also really fun and I really enjoyed the way Dr. Wilson taught it.

 Tell us about your involvement in Men in Nursing. 
I joined Men in Nursing early on in 2017 and expressed an interest in fulfilling a leadership role. Soon after, I started helping Bradley Quarles, Martin Mrazeck and the rest of the Men in Nursing executive committee organize new Mentor/Mentee pairings. I have planned and attended recruitment events, meetings and community events. I’ve also represented Men in Nursing through giving a presentation to the Midland’s Fatherhood Coalition on Nursing and Healthcare.

Any hobbies and/or other extracurricular activities?
In my free time, I enjoy playing a few rounds of Disc Golf down by Earlewood Park or Ultimate Frisbee with my friends. I also love nature! You can often find me running, fishing or just enjoying the scenery at Riverfront Park.

What are your plans after graduation?
My dream goal after I graduate would be to work at Duke University Hospital in Raleigh, NC while attending school to become a Family/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Of course, this would be after working as a nurse at Camp Sea Gull – a very special summer camp that I’ve spent the past four summers working at.

What advice would you give to future nursing students?
Nursing school is hard, but by no means impossible. I think you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of if you’re driven enough to join the most trusted, honest, and awesome profession in the world! Just study often and study CORRECTLY. USC’s Student Success Center is an amazing resource for you to get help with your classes and to develop study skills.