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College of Nursing

Strategic Mission and Values


Our vision is for the University of South Carolina to be a world leader in improving the lives of the people in South Carolina and the world.


The mission of the USC-GHI is to identify and solve complex global health problems and disparities in a sustainable manner while training the next generation of global health leaders. We achieve this by stimulating and supporting inter-disciplinary research, education and service within the UofSC community in collaboration with global partners.

Core Values

We are proud of our program and take pride in integratinge the following professional values into everything we do:

Inter-professional:  Solving complex global problems often requires diverse contributions. 
  • Using an interdisciplinary leadership structure
  • Facilitating collaborations between various departments and colleges at UofSC
Egalitarian:  All people deserve to be treated with dignity.
  • Holding all GHI programs to the highest of ethical standards
  • Regarding all partner institutions as peers
Sustainability:  Long-term solutions are preferable to short-lived answers.
  • Focusing efforts on strengthening existing health systems
  • Targeting social, economic, and other root causes of global health disparities
Reciprocity:  High-quality work in the global setting can provide local benefit, and vice-versa. 
  • Assisting members of the UofSC community with local expertise to find avenues for using their expertise in international settings
  • Identifying international projects and solutions with potential relevance to local problems and bringing in these ideas to South Carolina.
  • Finding opportunities for the UofSC community to study and serve global populations living within the borders of our state.
Accountability:  We have a responsibility to the people of South Carolina and to our international partners to ensure our work is effective and worthwhile.
  • Reporting with integrity on all projects to an appropriate governing body
  • Anticipating possible unintended consequences of our projects and working hard to do no harm.
  • Maintaining a current inventory of global health activities at UofSC

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.