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Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple options for you to study abroad. Mostly it depends on where you are in satisfying your required curriculum. Your student advisor, the study abroad office can assist you in determining what options are for you.

Each year we offer one opportunity, in N435 Capstone, as part of leadership requirements and inter-professional education. We offer at least one summer N506 Transcultural Nursing course to Germany, Australia or some other location. And USC has a global health location in San Jose, Costa Rica. We also work with the student organization, Timmy Global Health.

Each course has a different cost depending on length of time abroad, distance, cost of living and tuition requirements. Details for each course are available from the Study Abroad Office.

There are grants and scholarships available through the study abroad office. Due dates for applications are often in the fall, so check it out soon! Usually you have to register for 3 credit hours to receive assistance. You can save money by choosing courses with no tuition or variable credit requirements.

That depends on the experience or course. Usually deposits are due about 4 months in advance. Check with the study abroad office for specifics.

Contact Nursing Global Health and let her know which course you are interested in so that she can give you up to date information. Check with your advisor and register for the course. If there is a logistics provider, like One World for Nicaragua, there may be a weblink to register. 

Look under the study abroad website, email Global Health and look through this website.


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