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College of Nursing

Previous Study Abroad Experiences

Our goal is to collaborate together in research, education and service. Health systems, cultural competence, scope of practice, and graduate nursing education are priority subjects by partnering with university Schools of Nursing in the host country. Two key partnerships are with the Australian Catholic University on Melbourne and the Evangelische Hochschule in Nürnberg. Our German colleagues visited our College of Nursing in 2013 and will return to visit us again in September 2017.

Summer 2016 - Sydney, Australia

While in Sydney, students studied power differentials between diverse populations and healthcare providers, with particular attention on Aboriginal peoples of Australia. In Cairnes, students discussed and heard from biologists about our carbon footprint and environmentally responsible healthcare practices. In Melbourne, students experienced the public and the private health system visiting 5 different hospitals and agencies. The most exciting was the public Royal Children’s hospital with a 4 story aquarium and a meerkat exhibit, movie theater, library and state of the art play therapy. It is considered to be one of the 5 best pediatric hospitals in the world.

Summer 2016 - London, England

N398 traveled to London to study the history of nursing. A visit to the Florence Nightingale museum gave perspective to the progress of nursing from our beginnings. Amber Williams and Ann Scott took 8 students 7 nursing majors and 1 international business major for a week-long trip to London England May 16-22. The title of the course was Nursing and Healthcare in London with a focus on a study of the evolution of nursing, nurse education, culture, and the healthcare system in London, England. Our tour guide was a RN from England (he practiced as a travel nurse during the winter months in Asia and worked as a tour guide during the summer months. The week involved a combination of sight-seeing and educational information. Each student prepared a short presentation on a topic such as nursing education, culture, healthcare, etc.  and then presented to the group while abroad.  N398 visited the Welcome Museum where the students learned about the history of modern  medicine in the UK. We also visited the Florence Nightingale Museum and The Royal College of Physicians where historians lead us on a walking tour of the college and museum where the students learned about the advancement of medicine over the past 2000 years. The students also spent one morning speaking with a nurse in a Q/A style meeting, where she answered questions about hospital staffing, types of nursing jobs in England, and she described the pros and cons of socialized medicine. N398 also did many fun tourist attractions including seeing Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath, shopping, local markets, and of course visiting an English Pub.

Summer 2013 - Nuremberg, Germany

Munich was the initial site to learn about medical ethics and experimentation. N506 studied nursing during World War II, Dachau, the Nuremberg Trials and concepts of patient privacy in healthcare. N506 experienced Germany’s Bismarck model of the public system of healthcare in acute, long term care and pediatric settings.

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