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School of Music

Spark: Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory

Photo Session

Professional photos that appear in programs, websites, bios, brochures, articles and even some application packets, play a critical role for musicians. Yet professional sessions can be prohibitively expensive.

Spark offers reduced-cost photo sessions for musicians. A professional photographer offers high-quality photo sessions at affordable rates. This opportunity provides a valuable addition to your portfolio.

What you get

  • A 10-minute session with with a variety of shots to your specifications.
  • Approximately 10-12 photos on a CD from each session.
  • Full digital rights to use any way you wish.

Who may participate

This service is available to all USC music students, faculty and administration.


A 10-minute session is $15. Photo prints, in addition to digital files, are also available for a minimal charge. You must pay by the current due date. Any people who have scheduled a shoot but have not paid by this time will be crossed off the list, and the slot may be given away.

What to bring

Be prepared with clothing, hair and make-up appropriate for your photo. You're encouraged to bring your instrument to be included.

Multiple sessions

If you’d like to sign up for multiple sessions, we recommend you find non-adjacent times. This way, you can come in a different look for each. Because the cost has been kept so low, there is no discount for multiple sessions.

Group photos

Though most sessions will be solo, including 2-3 music community members is also possible. Group shots are priced at $20. Please note that group photos may result in fewer shots, since we still only allocate ten minutes.

The process

Step 1: Info/Sign-up Session

Dates: next photo session TBA
Time: 8:25 – 8:50 a.m. and 9:05 – 9:35   
Location: Room Music 106
Pay fee by: TBA

Step 2: Sign Up

A scheduling sheet will be posted on Room 106.  Scheduling is first come, first served.

Step 3: Pay

Sign up and pay by the due date. If you've scheduled a shoot but have not paid by this time, your slot may be cancelled. Pay by cash or check.

Step 4: Photo shoot

10-minute photo sessions in room 201 are available: TBA

Additional times may be added. Arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time. Late or missed appointments will not receive a refund.

Step 5: Pick up CD

A CD with all of your shots, digitally edited, will be available in room 106.
Dates: TBA

Step 6: Place orders for prints

You may order photo prints at a discounted rate. Three packages are offered.






1 - 8 x 10

2 – 5 x 7

4 – 4 x 5

8 wallets

2 – 8 x 10

4 – 5 x 7

1 - 8 x 10

2 – 5 x 7





Please note each package can include only one photo. Multiple packages can be bought.

Step 7: Pick up prints

Photo packages can be picked up in room 106.
Dates: TBA