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School of Music

Spark: Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory


Spark: Carolina’s Music Leadership Laboratory organizes a number of initiatives that benefit the university community.


Classes related to music careers and entrepreneurship

Community Engagement

A diverse variety of community engagement initiatives

Creativity in Music Awards

Supports students who pursue inventive projects while giving them a framework for expanding boundaries, taking chances, and discovering their personal voice

Discussions Over Dinner Series

Attendees interact with faculty, alumni, and guest presenters addressing a variety of topics such as branding, performance anxiety and improvisation

Gig Office and other services

Gig Office, photo sessions and other services for students and faculty

Graduate Student Blast Off

This interactive workshop for incoming grad students prepares participants to think big and get the most out of graduate studies at USC

Library Collection

Library collection focused on creating successful musicians, educators, leaders and entrepreneurs

Music Entrepreneurship Minor

The nation’s first Music Entrepreneurship Minor


A residency at USC is a component of the award package for the SAVVY Chamber Competition first place winner, held each June

Spark Equipment Lending Library

Spark has compiled a collection of quality, portable video and audio recording equipment designed to encourage and nurture the 21st-century performer's exploration

SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge Workshop

The SAVVY workshop focuses on cultivating music entrepreneurs and leaders

Spark Topic Weeks

 Each semester, Spark schedules a week focused on a relevant topic packed with workshops, consultations and more. Past events have addressed professional portfolios, careers in music, physical/financial wellness and musicians as educators

Stress Free Finals Week

Take a break from finals to play games, have snacks and spend time with friends

Teaching Innovation Grants

Supports faculty who seek to innovate current courses so as to better align them with the School of Music's Distinct Values and encourage an entrepreneurial culture