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School of Music

INNOVATION: Technology

We live in a world where human beings co-exist with technology. It is difficult to imagine an arts career path, community or initiative that doesn’t integrate technology on some level.

Our technological initiatives are centered on educational technology, audio/video recordings, web presence, Internet resources, new modes of communication and arts distribution methods.

We offer

The School of Music integrates the kind of technology you would expect to experience at a leading music school like recording facilities, notational software, technology classes and computer assisted instruction. We have technology books in our library collection and offer workshops on related topics.

Spark advocates and is working towards building a larger technological presence over the next several years, including:

Electronic portfolios
A requirement where many or all students compile an electronic portfolio by graduation.

Master classes, instruction and collaborative events involving remote locations.

Music videos
A greater emphasis on producing music videos for students and faculty.

The ability to stream events in the Recital Hall and other performance locations.

Web presence
Expanding the number of faculty and students that maintain websites and are active through social media platforms.