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School of Music

COMMUNITY: Collaboration

As artists and human beings, we are stronger when working together than against one another. Yet collaboration is not a skill typically emphasized in university programs. Requiring more than simply standing or performing alongside others, true collaboration entails negotiation and compromise and collective wisdom.

Our collaborative initiatives stress team building, team projects, inter-disciplinary efforts and strategic partnerships.

We offer

Chamber music
Chamber music is a natural environment for developing collaborative skills. USC is in the process of revamping its chamber music program.

Class projects
Assignments and projects in entrepreneurship classes are regularly done on teams.

We encourage students to pursue internships that facilitate collaboration with regional and national arts organizations.

Our office, SparkLab, is a beautiful space unlike any other at USC. It’s unique design and layout inspire creativity, collaboration and big ideas.

International partnership
The mutually beneficial collaboration between USC School of Music and the Saint Lucia School of Music provides the students and teachers at both institutions the opportunity to experience each other's musical disciplines and learn a different cultural perspective.

International initiatives
The initiative WagnerWorldWide was a collaborative effort between USC, the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and the University of Bern (Switzerland).

Spark advocates expanding our collaborative potential through interdisciplinary classes, interdisciplinary initiatives, team teaching and other programs.