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Darla Moore School of Business

Speaker Series

Each year, we invite noted scholars to present current research to faculty and graduate students in the Sonoco International Business Department at the Darla Moore School of Business. Below is a list of scholars who have presented research projects to us:


Nan Jia, University of Southern California, September 15, “The ‘Strategic’ Use of Political Connections: The Role of Political Connections in Firms’ Location Choices”

Ernesto Dominguez Lopez, University of Havana, October 13, “Cuban politics and relations with U.S. in the age of Obama and Trump”


Myles Shaver, University of Minnesota, November 11, “Building a Headquarters Economy: Managers, Mobility, Migration, and Minneapolis' Experience”

Andrew Schrank, Brown University, March 17, “Private Sector Perceptions of Public Sector Performance”

Gary Gereffi, Duke University, April 21, “Trump's protectionism and its impact on global value chains and the US economy”


Christopher Yenkey, University of Chicago, January 23, “Tribes and (Dis)Trust”

Stephen Tallman, University of Richmond, February 12, “The Geography of Learning: Ferrari Gestione Sportive 1929-2008”



Peer Fiss, USC-Marshall School of Business, March 8 - 12, 2015, "QCA Workshop":

"First, we (the field)  are so ingrained to think linearly and work under assumptions of independent affects.  So I want the group to see how conceptualizing and analyzing an interacting system doesn't imply forgetting about rigor.  Second, most all the phenomena the department faculty examine are multilevel.  Actors at some level embedded in institutions at another level.  Most often it is organizations or organizational subunits embedded in national industry systems. And the interest in not simply understanding the multilevel affects by also incorporate a comparative component as we look across contexts.  That is the big picture objective from my perspective."  


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