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Darla Moore School of Business

    Module III: Predictive Business Analytics Using R

    The open-source language “R” has emerged as one of the dominant tools used for statistical analyses. R provides decision makers with the ability to ask predictive questions of data to model different scenarios in order to make better quality business decisions. In this course, participants will work with R-Studio and learn fundamental skills such as how to import data from a variety of formats and how to export data and results to EXCEL. Participants are also introduced to concepts such as libraries and workspaces and are given advice on how to manage workspaces and script files.  Finally, participants are re-introduced to fundamental statistical procedures such as correlation and multiple regression and are provided with hands-on opportunities to analyze and visualize data.

    This course is intended for:

    A general audience at a post-graduate level who are performing data analysis.  Basic knowledge of statistical analysis is required.

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