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Page Prize Database

This database of previous Page Prize award winners and honorees is a resource for business school educators interested in the development of courses focused on sustainability. Each submission is searchable based on the following criteria: individual course/program of study, year, author name/university, title of submission, key topics covered.

Year Program Author(s) Program Materials Keywords(hidden column)
2020 *Course: Purpose of Finance Ellen Quigley, PhD and Daid Pitt-Watson, University of Cambridge, Judge Business School Purpose of Finance Syllabus Finance, Undergrad, MBA, Ph.D. MBA
2020 **Resource: Business School Lesson Plans for the Sustainable Development Goals Heather Ranson and Rachel Bond, University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business Business School Lesson Plans for the Sustainable Development Goals Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, Business, Undergrad, Ph.D., MBA
2019 *Program-Course: Business in Democracy: Advocacy, Lobbying and the Public Interest Andrew Hoffman, Ross School of Business, School of Environment and Sustainability  Business in Democracy: Advocacy, Lobbying and the Public Interest syllabus [PDF]  government, public, private, lobbying, corporate social responsibility (CSR) 
2019 **Program-Course: Sustainability Reporting Kenton D. Swift, University of Montana Sustainability Reporting syllabus [PDF]Sustainability Report Analysis Group Project [PDF]Big Sky Inn Case Study [PDF]  Sustainability reporting, accounting, annual report
2018 *Course: “Building a Sustainable Future: Business Model Innovation as a Force for Good” André Du Pin Calmon, INSEAD David F. Drake, Leeds School of Business Jackie Stenson, INSEAD Building a Sustainable Future: Business Model Innovation as a Force for Good [pdf]  
2018 **Course: “Twenty-first Century Energy” Martha Crawford, Harvard Business School Twenty-first Century Energy [pdf]  
2018 **Course: “Managing Global Sustainability Challenges” Carol Hee, Kenan-Flagler Business School Managing Global Sustainability Challenges [pdf]  
2018 **Course: “Sustainable Business in Iceland” Andrew Hoffman, Ross School of Business, School of Environment & Sustainability Sustainable Business in Iceland [pdf]Iceland Operational Itinerary [pdf]  
2017 *Course: "Assessing the Broader Impact of Business" Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Ivey Business School Assessing the Broader Impact of Business [pdf]  
2017 *Course: "Reimagining Capitalism" George Serafeim, Harvard Business School Reimagining Capitalism [pdf]  
2017 **Resource: "Online Platform for the Global CSR Community" Bodi Vasi, Tipie College of Business Online Platform for the Global CSR Community  
2017 **Course: "Leading Organizational Change for Sustainability" Cynthia Thompson, Baruch College Leading Organizational Change for Sustainability syllabus [pdf]Discussion Board Prompts [pdf]Organizational Change Project [pdf]Personal Change Project [pdf]Class Schedule [pdf]  
2017 **Course: "International Business and Sustainable Development Goals" Michelle Westermann-Behaylo, Amsterdam Business School International Business and Sustainable Development Goals [pdf]  
2016 **Course: "Sustainability Strategy" Olga Hawn, Kenan-Flagler School of Business Sustainability Strategy syllabus [pdf]  
2016 **Course: "Leadership, Strategy and Sustainability" Daina Mazutis, Telfer School of Management Leadership, Strategy and Sustainability [pdf]Case Writing Guidelines [pdf]Group Project Guidelines [pdf]  
2016 *Course: “Building Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure” John Macomber, Harvard Business School Building Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure syllabus [pdf]  
2016 *Course: “Ethics and CSR” Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Ph.D., Universidad EAFIT Ethics and Social Responsibility syllabus [pdf]Ethics and Social Responsibility scenarios (Spanish) [pdf]  
2015 **Program: "Managing CSR" and "Sustainability Analysis and Reporting" Ryan Rafferty, Simmons College Managing CSR [pdf]Sustainability Analysis & Reporting [pdf] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability Management, Sustainability Analysis, Sustainable Reporting
2015 *Program: Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA Program Carolyn Bonifield, et Al., University of Vermont SEMBA Course Curriculum [pdf]Module 1: Foundations of Management [pdf]Module 2: Building a Sustainable Enterprise Practicum: Planning [pdf]Module 3: Growing a Sustainable Enterprise [pdf]Module 4: Focusing on Sustainability [pdf] Entrepreneurship, Foundations of Management, Sustainable Enterprise, Entrepreneurship
2015 **Curriculum: Marketing and Global Sustainability Sue Keaveney, University of Colorado Denver Marketing and Global Sustainability [pdf]   
2015 **Curriculum: Sustainability Strategy Olga Hawn, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Sustainability Strategy [pdf]  Sustainability Strategy
2014 *Program: Concentration and Major in Managing for Sustainability (Selective Courses) Steve Maguire, et Al., McGill University BCOM MSUS [pdf]Technology and Innovation for Sustainability [pdf]Systems Thinking and Sustainability [pdf]Sustainability Consulting [pdf]Strategies for Sustainability [pdf] Concentration and Major in Managing for Sustainability (Selective Courses)
2014 **Course: Strategies for Sustainability Jonathen Doh, Villanova University Syllabus [pdf]Chiquita [pdf]Coke in India [pdf]GMO Simulation [pdf]Green Suds [pdf] Course: Strategies for Sustainability 
2014 **Course: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Supply Chain John Visich, Bryant University Lecture and Case [pdf] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Global Supply Chain
2014 **Course: Applied Sustainable Leadership Ron Dufresne, David Steingard, St. Joseph's University Applied Sustainable Leadership [pdf] Leadership in Sustainability, Sustainable Strategy
2014 **Course: Sustainable Behavior of Consumers, Firms, and Societies Karen Winterich, Penn State Sustainable Behavior of Consumers, Firms, and Societies [pdf] Sustainable Marketing, Sustainability Trends, Role of Consumers in Sustainability, Sustainability in Business and Society
2013 **Program: Corporations and Society Guy Holburn, et Al., University of Western Ontario (Ivey Business School) Core Module [pdf]Business and Government [pdf]Business Strategy and Sustainability [pdf]Managing the Triple Bottom Line [pdf]Women in Leadership [pdf]Attitudes Survey [pdf] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
2013 **Course: New Venture Development for Social Enterprise Thomas Dean, Colorado State University Syllabus [pdf] Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Venturing
2013 *Program: Scheller College Sustainability Curriculum Beril Toktay, Howard Connell, Georgia Tech Curriculum [pdf] Innovation Tournament for Sustainability, Sustainable Innovation, Sustainability Management, Sustainable Strategy, Sustainable Consulting, New Product Development, Sustainable Reporting
2013 **Course: Emerging Areas in Operations Management Ozge Islegen, Northwestern University Reading List Operations Management, Supply Chain Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change
2013 **Course: Managing Sustainability Vaibhav Bhamoriya, Rama Mohana Turaga, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad Curriculum [pdf] Sustainability Management, Sustainable Strategy
2012 **Course: Financial Analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance Data Mark Cohen, Vanderbilt University Syllabus [pdf] Financial Analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance Data (ESG), Bloomberg, Sustainable Strategy, Sustainability Analysis, Sustainability Performance
2012 **Program: Social, Environmental and Ethical Responsibility Certificate Michael Crooke and Warren Hahn, Pepperdine University Program Courses [pdf] Sustainability in Business and Society, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Leadership in Sustainability
2012 *Course: Sustainability Inspired Product and Service Design Michael G. Luchs, The College of William and Mary Syllabus [pdf]Schedule [pdf]Living Principles Assignment [pdf]Final Design Project Instructions [pdf]Course Intro and Pictures [pdf]Brief Case Studies in Sustainability Template [pdf] Sustainable Product Development, Sustainable Service Design
2011 **Course: Strategic CSR and Sustainability Pascual Berrone, Fabrizio Ferraro, Joan Enric Ricart, IESE Business School Syllabus [pdf] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainable Strategy
2011 **Course: From Subsistence Marketplaces to Sustainable Marketplaces? Using Subsistence Marketplaces as Disruptive Laboratories to Develop Curricular Innovations on Environmental Sustainability Madhu Viswanathan, University of Illinois Overview [pdf]
Product Market Development [pdf]Sustainable Business Enterprise [pdf]Sustainable Marketing Enterprise [pdf]
Subsistence Marketplaces, Sustainable Product Development, Sustainable Market Development, Sustainable Enterprise
2011 *Course: Business Strategies for the Base of the Pyramid Ted London, University of Michigan Syllabus [pdf]Teaching Notes [pdf]Internship Projects [pdf] Sustainability in Developing Countries, Subsistence Marketplaces
2011 **Course: Creative Design for Affordability Monica Touesnard, Cornell University Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Design, Sustainable Strategy
2011 *Program: Innovation for Sustainability Ed Freeman, et Al., University of Virginia Submission [pdf] Sustainable Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Leadership, Ethics
2010 *Program: Leaders in Sustainability Charles Corbett, Magali Delmas, University of California — Los Angeles Syllabus [pdf]
Certificate [pdf]
Leadership in Sustainability
2010 **Course: Sustainable Business Development Michael Russon, University of Oregon Syllabus [pdf]Experiential Learning Projects [pdf]Presentation [pdf]Keen Report [pdf] Sustainability in Business, Role of Government in Sustainability, Role of Consumers in Sustainability
2010 *Course: Sustainable Global Enterprise Glen Dowell, Stuart Hart, Mark Milstein, Cornell University Syllabus [pdf]Bootcamp Coursepack [pdf]Immersion Session Info [pdf]Immersion Projects [pdf] Sustainable Enterprise, Capitalism in Sustainability, Global, Leadership in Sustainability
2010 **Course: Business & Sustainability Monika Winn, Lorinda Rowledge, University of Victoria Course Outline [pdf]Appendices to Course Outline [pdf] Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Value, Corporate Sustainability Assessment
2009 *Course: Business and the Environment Michael Toffel, Forest Reinhardt, Harvard University Syllabus [pdf] Business Strategy
2009 *Course: Green Construction & Design Andrew Hoffman, University of Michigan Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Construction and Design, LEED Certification
2009 **Course: Modeling and Analysis for Environmental Sustainability Robert Clemen, Duke University Syllabus [pdf]  
2009 **Course: Environmental Strategy Carol Seagle, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Syllabus [pdf] Environmental Strategy
2009 **Course: Sustainable Operations Gilvan Souza, Indiana University Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Operations
2009 **Course: Business and Climate Change Anant Sundaram, Dartmouth University Syllabus [pdf] Business and Climate Change
2008  *Course: Environmental Sustainability Virginia Gerde, et Al., Duquesne University   Environmental Sustainability
2008 *Course: Sustainable Business Practices Robert Klassen, The University of Western Ontario (Ivey Business School) Syllabus [pdf] Management, Sustainable Development
2008 **Course: Environmental Considerations in Managerial Decision-Making Ravi Subramanian, Georgia Tech Syllabus [pdf] Environmental Considerations, Managerial Decision-Making
2008 **Program: Managing for Environmental Sustainability Debie de Lange, Herman van den Berg, University of Toronto Course [pdf]Module 1 [pdf]Module 2 [pdf]Module 3 [pdf]Module 3a [pdf]Module 4 [pdf] Management, Environmental Sustainability
2008 **Course: Corporate Environmental Management in Developing Nations Jorge Rivera, The George Washington University School of Business Syllabus [pdf] Corporate Environmental Management, Developing Nations
2008 **Course: Simple Carbon Math Joshua Skov, University of Oregon   Simple Carbon Math
2008 **Course: Introduction to Sustainable Business Practices Eric Arnould, University of Wyoming Syllabus [pdf] Sustainable Business Practices

*Grand Prize Winner
**Honorable Mention

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