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Darla Moore School of Business

Master Modeler Competition 2022

The Master Modeler Competition is intended as an experiential learning opportunity that allows students to gain in-depth understanding and help solve real-world business problems for a nonprofit or a community-driven organization. 

As part of the competition, students will:

  • Work on a complex business or community issue
  • Gain real experience in data science
  • Contribute positively to society and community causes
  • Learn how to collaborate with other disciplines
  • Meet industry leaders and analytics/data science hiring managers

The 2022 competition is open to graduate and doctoral students only. The event is hosted by the University of South Carolina in partnership with Georgia Tech. Student teams from both universities are invited to compete. 

Prizes will be awarded to the top teams from the University of South Carolina and Georgia Tech. Each school will award two prizes: a first place prize and a runner-up prize. In addition, one team will be named the overall winner for the event and will earn an additional $1,000 on top of their first-place winnings. The overall winning team prize can be awarded to teams at either school. 

  • First prize: $4,000 for the top team at each school
  • Runner up: $500 for the runner-up team at each school
  1. Competitors must be a current, active graduate or doctoral student enrolled in the spring 2022 semester.
  2. Operate within a team environment with two to four members. Only one doctoral student is permitted per team. 
  3. All teams must be comprised of members from their own institution, defined as:
    1. University of South Carolina
    2. Georgia Tech
  1. All submission deadlines must be met.
  2. Videos must be saved to YouTube as unlisted and viewable by anyone with the link. Include what content your team thinks makes sense. Videos typically include a walk-through of the analytics project including stages like problem framing, data acquisition and cleaning, choosing an analytics method, etc.
  3. All work must be original.
  4. Teams may not collaborate with other teams.
  5. Data can be augmented only by open source resources.
  6. Paid consulting, advice, suggestions, coaching or other support are not allowed.
  7. Teams may be disqualified by the competition administrators in the event such as unsportsmanlike conduct, ethical concerns or other reasons.
  8. Round 1 submissions limited to the first 20 per institution (20 max from UofSC and 20 max from Georgia Tech).
  9. Teams moving from Round 1 to the Finalist Round must include the same team members for both rounds.
  10. Winning prize money will be distributed equally to each team member.
Round 1: Entries due March 1

Details will be made available in January 2022. 


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