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Student Council on Diversity and Inclusion

The Student Council on Diversity and Inclusion ensures that goals for diversity and inclusion are fully achieved, valued and cherished at the Darla Moore School of Business. The council, composed of a diverse, representative and knowledgeable group of self-selected students, held its inaugural meeting in Fall 2016. They represent your voice for diversity and inclusion as members of the Moore School community, so please contact one of the committee members with any diversity-related questions or concerns that need to be addressed.


Wilfredo Anderson

Wilfredo Anderson is a sophomore majoring in finance. His family is from Panama but he has lived in Germany and eventually ended up in Sumter, S.C. Wilfredo is a part of the Alpha Kapa Psi business fraternity and Brothers of Nubian Descent. In his free time, Wilfredo enjoys scrapbooking fun moments in his life and scuba diving. He is currently taking a course to be a certified scuba diver. Wilfredo wants to embody the spirit of diversity and inclusion and provide a bigger platform to voice an all-inclusive environment.


Janae Bowman

Janae Alise Bowman is a sophomore accounting major and retailing minor. She is from a small town near Charleston, S.C., called Adams Run. She is also a member of Sigma Omega Upsilon International Business Fraternity, the Association of African American students and will be a part of the Capstone Service Team this fall. Janae loves to spend weekends shopping and spending time with her friends, and wanted to join the Diversity and Inclusion Council in order to help build a stronger community amongst the minorities in the Moore School.

Jim Fernandez

Jim Fernandez is a sophomore from Philadelphia who is majoring in GSCOM and marketing. He enjoys playing rugby and hanging out with friends. When he’s not on the field, Jim serves as a Resident Mentor in a dorm on campus. He enjoys spending time with the residents on his hall. In the council, he hopes to raise awareness and importance of diversity within our campus.

Sandy Guo

Sandy Guo is a junior from Lexington, S.C., who is majoring in marketing and finance. She is a part of the American Marketing Association collegiate club. In her free time, Sandy loves many outdoor activities including going on nature hikes. She hopes that the council will grab the attention of everyone on campus and emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion. Sandy encourages others to create an open environment for everyone.


Jennifer Jasso

Jennifer Jasso is in the Professional MBA program at the Moore School. She graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor's degree in Latin American and Iberian Studies. Her father was in the military, which afforded her the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people in military communities and throughout her travels overseas. She joined the Diversity and Inclusion Student Council to bring awareness to diversity issues and to create an even more inclusive community at USC.

Bradley Kinzel

Bradley Kinzel is in his first year of pursing a Master’s degree in economics. While he is originally from Ohio, he made Pennsylvania his home before moving to Columbia for his undergraduate degree at USC. In his free time, Bradley enjoys cooking great meals and baking any kind of sweet treat. Within the council, he hopes to organize events in order to promote a large outreach for diversity and inclusion.

Charlize Melendez

Charlize Melendez

Charlize Melendez is a sophomore from Goose Creek, S.C., who is double majoring in marketing and management. She plans to attend graduate school to get her Masters in luxury marketing to then work in the fashion industry upon graduation. In her free time, Charlize enjoys traveling, writing, spending quality time with her friends and family, and cheering on the Gamecocks. Growing up around her Puerto Rican family taught her that it is essential to promote diversity for societies and businesses to be successful. She stands by the fact that all faiths, all sexualities, and all ethnicities have the right to be represented and treated with dignity and respect.

Emily Morris

Emily Morris  

Emily Morris is a senior double-majoring in marketing and management with a minor in advertising and public relations. Her passion for diversity and inclusion stems from growing up with a close-knit diverse group of friends and enjoying learning about their cultures, as well as differences. She is also passionate about advocating for students with disabilities and destigmatizing mental health. On campus, Emily is also a member of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society, and CHAARG.

Madison Poindexter

Madison Poindexter is a sophomore from Lexington, S.C., who is studying multimedia journalism. In her free time, Madison loves to read, write and listen to music while enjoying her favorite chocolate bar. Within the council, she writes newsletters to announce our events and share the council’s core initiatives. She believes that it is extremely important for individuals of different backgrounds and identities to be treated with respect and welcomed in a comforting environment.

Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson is a senior from San Rafael, Calif., who is majoring in economics and GSCOM. She is involved in CHAARG, an exercise group that supports and guides women to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. In her free time, she loves to draw, cook, hike and travel. Fostering dogs is one of her main passions. She is also passionate about using the newness of diversity and inclusion to create a big impact within our community. She aims to make all people aware that every single person should be treated the same.


Sterling Robertson

Sterling Robertson is a junior international business and economics student with a minor in German. He currently serves as the development director for IRIS, the largest LGBTQ student organization on campus, as well as on the board of Moore School Pride. With aspirations to work internationally, he hopes to celebrate and understand the various backgrounds and cultures that make up the Moore School.


Lisa Sanchez

Lisa Sanchez is a senior from West Chester, Pa., who is majoring in GSCOM and marketing with a minor in advertising and public relations. She is on the Homecoming Commission and participates in the Omega Phi Alpha national service sorority. In her free time, Lisa loves to take naps, read, listen to music and watch HGTV. She joined the Diversity and Inclusion Council in order to promote diversity and its importance inside and outside the college environment. Lisa hopes to make the business school a welcoming place for all international students.

Brittany Strampp

Brittany Strampp is a sophomore from Washington State. She lived in Virginia and Charleston, S.C., before ending up in Columbia. Brittany is majoring in GSCOM with a minor in applied computing. She is involved in many things on campus including Rotaract, IRIS, Moneythink and the Capstone Programing Executive Council. In her free time, Brittany enjoys reading and going to the Charleston Young Adult Book Festival. She hopes the council will pave a new way for individuals of all identifications to strive within the business school.


Quantavious Watson

Quantavious Watson, whose home is in Chesterfield, S.C., is a management science and finance major entering his senior year. Quantavious' goals with the council is to be a voice for those who feel they don't have one. He is hoping to open people's minds to how we are all equal and to come together as diverse Gamecocks. During his free time he like to play sports, listen to music and try different restaurants.