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Students meet with an adviser during the formal advisement period before registration begins.    All students are seen individually for advisement. Students are notified by email, Facebook and Twitter when it is time to sign up for fall and spring advisement appointments. Registration for courses takes place after the formal advisement period is over. The University of South Carolina Registrar’s Office assigns each student an appointment date to register. Students may check their appointment time and register for courses at

Business Course Seat Request

To request a seat in a business class that is full, please go to Business Course Seat Request. Submitting this information does not guarantee a seat in the section or course you are requesting, but it does provide us with information to send to business departments. This link should not be used to request a seat in
a course outside of the business school.


Registration FAQ's 

How do I get an override for a business course?

In the Moore School, we do not do overrides beyond capacities for courses. Instead, please use the seat request form to let us know you are in need of a course for graduation requirements. 

I am a business student and need an override into a course that is not a business course. Can you give me an override?

No, as advisers in the business school, we are not able to provide overrides for courses outside of our college. You will need to contact the department for an override into their courses. For example, if the course is MATH 122, you will need to contact the Math Department; SPAN 316, you will need to contact the Language Department. Individual department contact information can be found through visiting; using the search bar, type in the individual department name.

What happens to my request once I submit the form online using the link on the website?

Once your request is submitted, we receive your information in our office. Your name is placed on a contact list in our office, and will be used to notify students of when additional seats or sections are opened in the course you requested. 

I have not heard anything from the Moore School Advisement Office regarding the seat I requested; why is this and how long do I have to wait?

You will not be notified unless additional seats or sections are opened in the course you requested, as indicated on the seat request form.

Why can’t I have an override in a section that is closed?

Most commonly, it is the case that the room is at room capacity. We cannot give a student access to a course in which there will not be enough physical seats in the room. The Fire Marshall provides us with strict guidelines, which we must abide by in terms of building and room occupancy. In some cases, it may be that the department is not willing to go over a certain enrollment number due to the quality of the course and ability to execute the material in a way that is beneficial to all students.

My professor gave me permission to get into his/her section, and told me to come to the Advisement Office. Why are you telling me I cannot get into the course if they said I can?

Professors may not realize capacities in the room where a course is held; therefore, they may not be aware that a section is full at room capacity, and there is not a physical seat in the classroom. The Undergraduate Division enforces enrollment limits set by the department chairs.

There are two sections of a course taught in the same room; one has a capacity of 50 and the other has a capacity of 45. Why can’t I have an override for the smaller section, when I know there are seats in the room?

The individual departments in the Moore School set the capacities of their courses and sections depending on several variables. We cannot override capacity in a course without consulting building codes or the department for approval. If an override is available for a section, where seats are available, you will be notified via the information you submit on our course request link.

I really, really, really need this course...can't you make an exception?

No, we cannot make an exception. This would not be fair to the other students in DMSB who also really need this course. 

I need a particular section of a course, because of my work schedule. Can you move me into the section I want? 

No, we cannot accommodate work schedules. 

I registered for a section of a course, with the professor I wanted, and now he/she is listed under another course. Can you move me into their section?

No, we cannot accommodate moving students into sections with particular professors. It is at the discretion of the department and the professor as to which section they teach, and this can change at any time. 

I saw that an override was given for a course, but you indicate that you don't do overrides. What happened?

In some courses, where seats are available beyond the listed capacities, the instructor or department will give permission for current term graduates only. Other times, a section may have been moved to a larger room, and we are working on moving students into the section in the order of the requests we received/in order of need for graduation purposes. 

There are seats in a section, but I get a field of study restriction when I am trying to register for the course. Why is this?

This means you are not coded for a degree program that requires the course for graduation. If you click on the blue CRN, you will see notes about who the course is available to, and when. If you click on the course title after clicking on the CRN, you can see a list of majors/minors of who is eligible to take course. If you think you are in one of the listed fields of study, but are still receiving an error, please make sure you are coded correctly in the system. If you see that you are not, please contact your adviser about getting coded correctly. 

I am a business minor or another major outside of the Moore School, and I am registering for courses, but cannot get into a course I need and am getting a restriction when I try to register for the course. Why is this?

Minors and students who are in other majors, but need Moore School courses for their degree, will be able to register for courses on certain dates of registration week. Please click on the blue CRN, and this will tell you when you can register for our courses

I was told I can register for MKTG 350 and MGMT 371 at the time of registration, but I am getting a field of study restriction for the section I want. Why is this?

MKTG 350 and MGMT 371 have specific business and non-business sections. Please click on the blue CRN to identify these sections. 

What is "the blue CRN" you keep talking about?

The CRN is the number listed next to the section of a course. It is the only blue, hyperlinked number on the course section listings. It is a 5-digit number. 

I'm not an international business major, but I really need to take IBUS 401/402, and the only section open is for international business majors. Can I get into one of these sections?

No, you will not have taken the required pre-requisite of IBUS 310, which is necessary for the IB sections of these courses. 

I am registering for courses, and can't register for my minor courses. Why is this?

If you click on the blue CRN, the notes on the course will tell you when the course will be open to minors for registration. Also, make sure you are registering for a section that is open to minors and not just majors in the college. 

I am trying to register for a section that begins with H, P, T, C or S, and the system will not let me register for the course. Why is this?

These sections are for special populations on campus. H is for SCHC students, P is for Palmetto College students, T is for Trio Scholars students, C is for Capstone students and S is for several different populations on campus. Unless you are in one of these populations, you will not be able to register for these sections. 

I need to be approved for more than 18 hours. How do I do this? 

Contact your adviser, and they can approve you for more than 18 hours. Once you go over 16 hours, you will be billed for additional hours. Please consult with the Bursar’s Office if you have any questions: 803-777-4233.

How do I get coded for my major or minor?

Contact your adviser, and they can add your major and/or minor to your curriculum. 

I am looking at DegreeWorks, and it is not correct. What can I do about this?

DegreeWorks is not applicable for anyone who enrolled at USC prior to Fall 2016. For students who enrolled prior to Fall 2016, please contact your adviser if you have questions. For anyone who enrolled at USC Fall 2016 or later, please contact your adviser about getting DegreeWorks to reflect correctly.