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Darla Moore School of Business

Research and Resources

The Moore School created the Center for Executive Succession to leverage the world-class faculty research capability and a unique corporate/academic partnership to provide cutting-edge research in the issues, challenges and best practices regarding C-suite succession.

Current Research Projects


CEO Transition: Challenges and Learnings from the First Year

Patrick M. Wright, Professor
Anthony Nyberg, Professor
Donald J. Schepker, Assistant Professor

This study focuses on a CEO's first year in the role as a follow up to our research on the board's perspective of successful CEO succession. For this on-going research, we interview CEOs about the challenges they faced and what they found most helpful during their first year.

2018 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers 

This year's HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers explores aspects of how corporate Executive Leadership Teams (ELT) function, CEO expertise in and appreciation for HR, and board member expertise in and appreciation for HR.  

2017 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers 

The CES research team has developed 3 new reports from the 2017 HR@Moore Survey of Chief HR Officers:

Diversity in CEO Succession Pools: Present State, Past Obstacles, and Future Solutions

This report focuses on the current statistics regarding the percentages of women and minorities in both the short- and long-term CEO succession pool. CHROs noted the challenges they face in building a diverse pool and what their firms are doing to try to increase these percentages.

Inside the C-Suite: The CEO, the Board, and the ELT

This report examines how different governance structures (e.g, CEO/Chairman roles combine with the use of a Lead Director vs. separate CEO and Chairman roles) impact trust between the CEO and the board. Also, dynamics between the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are explored.

CFO and CHRO Succession: Comparing and Contrasting the Roles

Past CES research has examined a number of aspects of CHRO succession. This report delves into CFO succession practices and compares them to CHRO succession practices.

Please contact if interested in participating in our research.