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Darla Moore School of Business

Ph.D. Students on the Job Market

Sina photo

Sina Aghaie, Marketing Department

Research Interests: Empirical Marketing Strategy; Market Threat, Entry and Exit; Competitive Dynamics; Decision Making under Uncertainty; Multi-Market Competition.

Dissertation: "Essays on Market Entry and Exit: A Multi-Method Assessment"

Personal website

chung photo

Moonwon Chung, Management Science Department

Research Interests: Management of Technology, Big Data Research, Socially Responsible Innovations, Innovation Value Chain Coordination.

Dissertation: "The Effects of Product Feature Complexity, Market Activity, and Update Scheduling on Mobile App Life Cycles" 

flynn photo

Patrick Flynn, Management Department

Research Interests: Time; Transitions; Temporal Processes; Adaptation; Organizational Citizenship Behaviors.

Dissertation: "An Integrated Conceptual and Analytic Framework for Examining Process-Oriented Phenomena as Trajectories of Change" 

Has Accepted Position At: North Carolina State University

hendricks photo

Jonathan Hendricks, Management Department

Research Interests: Impression management; Recruitment; Social Cognition; Star Employees; Multi-level Methods.

Dissertation: "A model of impression formation in recruitment"

kang photo

Hye Sun Kang, International Business Department

Research Interests: Innovation strategies; industry evolution; interactions between government and firm strategy in international business; global automobile industry; Knowledge transfer in MNCs.

Dissertation: "Evolution of Technological Trajectories: Dynamics from MNEs context"

Ethan photo

Ethan G. LaMothe, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Experimental research related to compliance and other taxpayer behaviors.

Dissertation: "Not Really Prospect Theory: A Deeper Investigation of the Tax Withholding Effect"

lim pic

Eun Son Lim, Economics Department

Research Interests: Economic Integration, International Finance, International Trade,  Monetary and Macroeconomics

Dissertation: "Three Essays on the Effects of Policies on Price Differentials"

Personal Website

Liu photo

Kun Liu, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Judgment and decision making research in financial accounting and managerial accounting topics; especially how external financial reporting choices influence internal managerial judgment and decision making.


park photo

Taehoon Park, Marketing Department

Research Interests: Judgment and Decision Making; Consumer Inference Making; Public Policy; Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dissertation: " The Dynamics of Consumer Inference: How Consumers Evaluate Companies’ Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility"


Sabrina F. Saleh, International Business Department

Research Interests: International Corporate Governance; Governance of Multinational Corporations; Cross-Country Institutions.

Dissertation: "Effectiveness of ‘good’ governance policies across contexts: Test of the Universal vs. Embedded view"


Noman Ahmed Shaheer, International Business Department

Research Interests: Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Digital Globalization.

Dissertation: "Internationalization Strategies of Digital Firms: Barriers, Strategies and Context"