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Darla Moore School of Business

Ph.D. Students on the Job Market

Liwen photo

Liwen Chen, Economics Department

Research Interests: Applied Microeconbomics, Labor Economics, Development Economics, Experimental Economics.

Dissertation: "The Role of Family and Gender in the Transfer of and Returns to Human Capital"

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Accepted position at East China Normal University

cragun photo

Ormonde Cragun, Management Department

Research Interests: Executive Succession; Strategic Human Capital Resources; Strategic Human Resource Management; Compensation; Top Management Teams.

Dissertation: "Selection of Narcissistic CEOs and how CEO Narcissism Affects The CEO Succession Process"

Accepted position at the University of Minnesota, Duluth

feustel photo

Laura Feustel, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Behavioral accounting research primarily in the area of tax and financial accounting; particularly interested in topics related to financial reporting of income taxes and accounting professionals' behavior (audit and tax).

Dissertation: "Investor reactions to complex financial accounting disclosures: Experimental evidence from the tax disclosure of permanently reinvested earnings"

Accepted position at Ohio State University

Minjie photo

Minjie Guo, Economics Department

Research Interests: International Finance, Developmentsal Economics, Macroeconomics, Agricultre Economics

Dissertation: "Three Essays on Public Debt, Inflation and Economic Development"

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Eun Son photo

Eun Son Lim, Economics Department

Research Interests: International Finance, International Trade, Money and Banking, Macroeconomics.

Dissertation: "Three Essays on the Effects of Policies on Price Differentials"

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Mary Marshall, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Judgment and decision making research in taxation; accountability; the review process; the firm environment; tax professional involvement in the audit; visualization and other analytical tools; social norms; tax policy 

Dissertation: "The Reviewer Role and Client Advocacy: The Effect of Accountability and Approval Bias on Reviewer Judgment"

Accepted position at Louisiana Tech University

No photo

Sabrina Saleh, International Business Department

Research Interests: International corporate governance; corporate governance and management of multinational corporations; business in Europe/Asia/Latin America

Dissertation: "Effectiveness of “Good” Governance Policies across Contexts: A Test of the Universal vs. Embedded View"

No photo

Noman Shaheer, International Business Department

Research Interests: Digital internationalization strategies, digital innovation and entrepreneurship, big data in international business

Dissertation: "Internationalization Strategies For a Digital World: Three Essays on Mobile Apps At IOS App Store"

tswartz photo

Tracey Swartz, Marketing Department

Research Interests: Empirical Marketing Strategy focusing on an upper echelons perspective on marketing; new product development and product quality; word-of-mouth and social media marketing. 

Dissertation: "Essays on the Influence of Chief Marketing Officers in Firms"

Accepted position at Georgia Tech


Nathan Waddoups, Accounting Department

Research Interests: Managerial Accounting; Behavioral; How Performance Feedback Influences Employee Behavior.

Dissertation: "Feedback Frequency, Relative Performance Information, and Outside-the-Box Thinking"

Accepted position at the University of Denver