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Darla Moore School of Business

Functional Specializations and Graduate Certificates

The Professional MBA program offers functional specializations in finance, innovation/entrepreneurship, international business, and marketing.  A graduate certificate in business analytics is also available to Professional MBA students in a distance based, evening format.

Functional Specializations

Professional MBA students have the opportunity to tailor their education to fit their career path or industry by selecting an optional specializations to gain expertise in a particular subject. To complete the specialization, students must take a minimum of four of their electives in that area.


A specialization in finance will prepare students for positions in financial services positions in areas such as banking and investment management as well as corporate finance positions.  Finance courses provide a core set of skills in financial modeling, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, financial reporting and analysis. 


The innovation/entrepreneurship specialization focuses on providing students with the skills and competencies needed to excel in the following areas: developing/launching new ventures, managing/funding small businesses and scalable new ventures, and directing the development of new products and services.

International Business

The international business specialization develops skills in doing business across national boundaries and diverse cultures. Course offerings include a study abroad experience to learn firsthand how business is conducted in other countries, international management, international finance and foreign legal systems. 


The marketing specialization builds skills in marketing strategy, research and consumer behavior and is based on the perspective that marketing managers must view customers, products and services as assets.  Courses in customer relationship management/datamining and internet marketing are also offered.  

A functional specialization appears on the student's transcript but not the diploma. It is recommended that students add their functional specialization to the education section of their resume.


Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates serve as a tool for students to demonstrate knowledge on a specific business skill. Students who complete a graduate certificate receive a separate diploma awarding a “Post-Bachelor Certificate”. Graduate certificates are also noted on the student’s transcript.

Business Analytics Certificate

Students in the Professional MBA program have the option of earning a graduate certificate in business analytics as part of the program’s electives. It is designed to complement the Professional MBA curriculum and enhance the career opportunities of the students by providing critical skills in business analytics. The certificate requires 12 credit hours earned in the following three business analytics courses and an additional course chosen from four options. 

The courses in the Business Analytics Certificate are offered in an evening, distance-based, blended learning format for Professional MBA students. View detailed information on required courses for the Business Analytics Certificate.

Enterprise Resource Management Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning is designed to provide students with the ability to demonstrate an overall understanding and working knowledge of the function, design, control and use of ERP systems. It is based on the premise that students should understand at a conceptual level both their own technology as well as the technology of the entities with which they interact.

The courses in the Enterprise Resource Management certificate are not currently offered in an evening, distance-based, blending learning format. 

View detailed information on required courses for the Enterprise Resource Management Certificate.