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Darla Moore School of Business

Research Briefings

Faculty in the management department research a variety of topics. Below is a sample of research being performed by the members of the department. Follow up with the faculty member for a more in-depth discussion of the topics.

Research Briefs

Research Discipline Subject Author/Featuring Keywords
(hidden column)
Human Resources Pay-For-Performance's Effect on Future Employee Performance Anthony Nyberg, et al. compensation, performance, HR, bonus pay
Human Resources New Findings about Employee Turnover Ployhart, Robert Employee pay, employee turnover, team, morale, staffing
Human Resources Discovering Talent Analyics? It's Already Here! Ployhart, Robert employee turnover, staffing, analytics, employee data
Case Team Paying More to Get Less Ployhart, Robert build talent, promote employees, buy talent, hire externally, morale, performance, loyalty
Human Resources Are Customers Causing Your Turnover? Ployhart, Robert employee turnover, customer involvement, morale