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Darla Moore School of Business

Speaker Series

Each year, we invite noted scholars to present current research to faculty and students. This exposes our community not only to new ideas, but also to other methods of approach. Below is a list of scholars who have presented research projects to us:


  • Wayne Ferson, University of Southern California, September 28
  • Robert Stambaugh, University of Pennsylvania, October 26
  • Shan Ge, New York University, November 9
  • Pavel Savor, DePaul University, November 30
  • Itay Goldstein, University of Pennsylvania, February 1
  • Kewei Hou, Ohio State University, February 20


  • David Mauer, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, August 25
  • Selale Tuzel, University of Southern California, September 1
  • Alex Hsu, Georgia Tech, September 8
  • Elena Loutskina, University of Virginia, September 29
  • Mitchell Petersen, Northwestern University, October 27
  • Motohiro Yogo, Princeton University, December 1
  • Lucy Chernykh, Clemson University, December 8
  • Huseyin Gulen, Purdue University, March 2 (joint with International Business)
  • Michelle Lowry, Drexel University, April 6


  • Neng Wang, Columbia University
  • Gerard Hoberg, University of Southern California
  • Viral Acharya, New York University
  • Manuel Adelino, Duke University
  • Justin Murfin, Yale University
  • Lauren Cohen, Harvard University
  • Richard Rosen, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Karl Diether, Brigham Young University


  • Jeffrey Pontiff, Boston College
  • Thomas Chemmanur, Boston College
  • Po-Hsuan Hsu, University of Hong Kong


  • Stuart Gillan, University of Georgia
  • Alice Bonaime, University of Kentucky
  • Nishant Dass, Georgia Tech Universit
  • Kathleen Hanley, University of Maryland
  • David McLean, University of Alberta (joint with International Business)
  • Alexander Barinov, University of Georgia
  • Deming Wu, Office of the Comptroller of Currency
  • Michael Roberts, University of Pennsylvania


  • Tao Shu, University of Georgia
  • Christa Bouwman, Case Western Reserve University
  • Kee-Hong Bae, York University (joint with International Business)
  • Motohiro Yogo, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapoli
  • Fei Xie, Clemson University


  • Greg Nini, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jie "Jack" He, University of Georgia
  • Chris Kirby, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • Kai Li, University of British Columbia (joint with International Business)
  • Mara Faccio, Purdue University (joint with International Business)
  • Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, UCLA
  • Sudheer Chava, Georgia State University
  • George Zanhani, Georgia State University


  • Chip Ryan, Georgia State University
  • Matthew Billett, Indiana University
  • Dolly King, University of North Carolina-Charlotte


  • Jayant Kale, Georgia State University
  • Michael Roberts, University of Pennsylvania
  • Tarun Chordia, Emory University
  • Evren Örs, HEC Paris


  • David Chapman, Boston College
  • Simon Gervais, Duke University
  • Amy Dittmar, University of Michigan
  • Igor Osobov, Georgia State University
  • Abdullah Yavas, University of Wisconsin


  • Matthew Spiegel, Yale University
  • Mara Faccio, Purdue University
  • Suresh Sundaresan, Columbia University
  • James Wilcox, UC-Berkeley
  • David Humphrey, Florida State University
  • Rohan Williamson, Georgetown University
  • Andrew Karolyi, Ohio State University


  • George Zanjani, Federal Reserve Bank of New York 
  • Paul Schultz, Notre Dame
  • Arvind Krishnamurthy, Northwestern University


  • Sattar Mansi, Virginia Tech
  • Murray Frank, University of Minnesota
  • Andrei Simonov, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Naveen Khanna, Michigan State University


  • Dan Bradley, Clemson University
  • Joe Gyourko, Wharton, UIniversity of Pennsylvania
  • Debbie Lucas, Northwestern
  • Gurdip Bakshi, University of Maryland
  • Bill Wilhelm, University of Virginia
  • Antonio Mello, University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Jim Linck, University of Georgia
  • Andy Abel, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jerry Dwyer, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Jay Shanken, Emory University
  • Ron Kaniel, Duke University


  • Ron Masulis, Vanderbilt University
  • Wayne Ferson, Boston College
  • Stathis Tompaidas, University of Texas-Austin
  • Rob Hansen, Tulane University
  • David Mauer, Southern Methodist University


  • Ajay Patel, Wake Forest University
  • Stewart Mayhew, SEC-Visiting Academic Scholar, University of Georgia
  • Rich Phillips, Georgia State University
  • Greg Brown, University of North Carolina
  • Werner De Bondt, DePaul University
  • Jay Ritter, University of Florida
  • Lemma Senbet, University of Maryland


  • Chris Kirby, University of New South Wales
  • Peter Klein, University of Georgia
  • Gordon Phillips, MIT
  • Robert Parrino, University of Texas-Austin
  • John Affleck-Graves, University of Notre Dame
  • Jennifer Conrad, University of North Carolina


  • Thomas Miller, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Jeffrey Brown, Harvard University
  • Marc Zenner, University of North Carolina


  • Roni Michaely, Cornell University and Tel Aviv University
  • Larry Wall, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Kent Womack, Dartmouth College