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News from the Moore School

Alumna profile: Elizabeth Burwell

"Life isn't always fair, but I think as leaders, it's important that we be transparent and advocate for those we work with and for," she says. "They work for me, so they're looking to me."

New Moore School department chairs to take helm of finance and management this fall

Starting the Fall 2018 semester, DH Zhang will be serving as the chair of the Darla Moore School of Business' Department of Finance, and Sherry Thatcher will become chair of the Department of Management.

International MBA students intern with UPS Europe, find data analytics indispensable

"It's a great experience, being in school for a year and then being able to jump into a full-blown project with an international company," Broker said.

Management science professor pilots use of program R in sophomore class

"It looks a little scary at first," Hendrix said, "but an overwhelming number of students appreciated coming out of the class with that skill."

MIB student, IB professor surprised at large differences in car safety in emerging markets

Which would you rather have in your car: airbags or a DVD player? Priorities differ across countries.

Moore School marketing professors find outstanding car dealer customer service doesn't necessarily equal superior performance

Darla Moore School of Business marketing professors Rafael Becerril-Arreola and Chen Zhou looked at the monthly sales of almost all cars on the market to determine who benefits -- the car dealers or the car manufacturers -- from improvements in facilities and interactions with service staff.

Harvard, Ivey business schools win Page Prize grand prize

The Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula. Due to the quality of submissions this year, two grand prizes and three honorable mentions were awarded.

Jean Duke moves into USC-Business Partnership Foundation president role

Jean Duke, former Board of Trustees chair of the USC-Business Partnership Foundation, has moved into the president role as of early April of this year.

Graduating IB, marketing student reflects on 'well-rounded' experience at Moore School

What makes a university a home? Is it the people you meet? The classes you take? The programs you get involved with?

Marcelo Frias moves into Moore School director of doctoral programs role

An alumnus of the Moore School's International MBA program, Marcelo Frias has moved into the role of director of doctoral programs at the Moore School. Previously, he served as managing director of the One-Year and International MBA programs.

Moore School marketing professor's research finds customer loyalty is big player in customer data breach announcements

As you might expect, sales decline overall; that was their first finding. But in re-examining the data, they also found that multichannel retailers -- businesses that sell their products in-store, online, through catalogs, etc. -- could potentially see channel migration. Their final finding was that loyal customers are more forgiving.

Moore School professors recognized by Student Disability Resource Center

Several Moore School professors received the "Two Thumbs Up" Award from the USC Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC). Each year, the SDRC recognizes faculty who have gone above and beyond to improve the lives of these students.

Management professors write global talent book with unique blending of research, application

"This book is really intended to be for people who are doing this or for students who could see themselves doing this someday, so it's a very conscious attempt to blend the research side and the practical application side," Ployhart said.

Moore School's Paul Bliese named fellow for Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Moore School Management associate professor Paul Bliese has been named to a short list of fellows for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

Moore School IBCE freshman wins Palmetto Chinese Star Student Award, goes on to represent SC in next round of competition

Katie Rose Dionne, Moore School freshman international business major and International Business Chinese Exchange (IBCE) student, won the Palmetto Chinese Star competition - a state-level contest put on by USC's Confucius Institute to give students learning about Chinese culture and language the opportunity to prove their skills.

Moore School economics professor finds link between 1854 London cholera epidemic, current housing prices

If 70% of the people in your neighborhood died from some epidemic, what would happen to the prices of their houses?

SC Econ Day encourages student interest in economics through high school competition

The third annual SC Econ Day brought more than 100 state finalists from 10 high schools around South Carolina to the Darla Moore School of Business to put their economics knowledge to the test.

Moore School, Harvard alumna follows her passion to reduce student loan debt

Seven out of 10 students leave or graduate their undergraduate programs with more than $37,000 in loan debt. According to Bloomberg, the cost of a bachelor's degree is 1,120 percent more expensive today than it was in 1978.

Moore School Risk Management and Insurance program ranked 3rd largest in nation

In Business Insurance's 2017 rankings, the Darla Moore School of Business' globally recognized Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program is ranked third largest in the country with 350 undergraduates enrolled in the major and eight courses being offered.

Moore School international business MBA still No. 1

The International MBA program, ranked No. 1 in this newest batch of rankings, has been ranked in the top three for the last 29 years.

Moore School freshman basketball player hopes to use language skills to start his own company

Ibrahim Famouke Doumbia is not your typical college freshman - towering over most people at 6'6", the Moore School student plans to study international business while at USC as well as play forward for South Carolina's men's basketball team.

IB students clean up Congaree National Park as part of ongoing give-back efforts

With the arrival of beautiful weather here in South Carolina, it's no surprise that many USC students spent the weekend outside. What you might not expect is what more than 50 of the Darla Moore School of Business' international business students were doing with their sunny Saturday: picking up litter throughout Congaree National Park.

Professor incorporates world exploration into strategic management classes

"I can go places that you can't go here. You can't do these things here, and you can't take a picture of it. You can't describe these places to people. You just can't."

Moore School Center for Sales Success officially launches with five corporate partners

Since Fall 2016, the Darla Moore School of Business' Center for Sales Success (CSS) has been building partnerships and putting students through the Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) program in preparation for the center's official launch on March 1 of this year.

Moore School international business professor examines drug trade, illegal immigration in Mexico

"What happens if you impose rules that no one can comply with?" McDermott asks. "It can push those societies toward accelerated growth in crime, drug trades and illegal practices -- essentially an undermining of the institutional trade order."


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