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Darla Moore School of Business

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Dean Peter Brews

A Message From the Dean

When I began my tenure as dean of the Darla Moore School of Business, I was excited to take on a new challenge, and honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of serving as the steward of the school’s continued growth, success and world-class reputation.

Then, as now, I was inspired by the school’s reputation, whether it’s its No. 1 ranking in both graduate and undergraduate international business or the growing recognition of the school's strength and thought leadership in supply chain, human resources management, accounting, risk and insurance and many other disciplines. 

Our faculty members are some of the most respected thought leaders in their fields and are productive researchers generating seminal research while at the same time offering students vast experience from their perspectives as top-level executives, entrepreneurs and innovative leaders. I’m also inspired by a dedicated and enthusiastic professional staff.

But what continues to inspire me about the Moore School is a pervasive, universal commitment to focusing on meaningful results for our students and the businesses community. We are determined that our students — graduate and undergraduate — will leave this institution with both the hard and soft skills necessary for them to lead and will bring knowledge to the workplace that anticipates the current and future needs of business. Both faculty and staff at the Moore School share a real-world pragmatism about delivering graduates with both solid academic knowledge and gravitas born of confidence and superior interpersonal skills. Our fundamental strategy, for our students and for the future of the Moore School, is to combine a rigorous approach to classroom learning with a downstream model for the delivery of business education, integrating the best in experiential learning and advanced business analytics.

As strong as the school might be in international business, supply chain, HR, marketing, accounting, finance or any other academic discipline, it is in merging in-class education with hands-on experience — through a curriculum designed to meet the needs of both students and the businesses that hire them — that the Moore School distinguishes itself.