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School of Medicine Greenville

Student Research Spotlight

Kyleigh Connolly

What are you researching?

My research evaluates burnout, stress and fatigue in EMS providers, with the goal of developing educational materials and countermeasures that are personalized to these providers. My research applies the results of the assessments directly to the employees who participate in the research. This would represent the first known study to examine burnout, stress, and fatigue in EMS workers, and the impact of the research would directly benefit GC EMS employees.

How could the results benefit patients?

Burnout, stress, and fatigue have been linked to poor provider health and job performance. The results of this study will help identify measures to reduce burnout and ANS imbalance so we can improve provider health, reduce the stress on the healthcare system and minimize patient care errors.

Tell us why you enjoy research.

I enjoy research because it is challenging, engaging, and allows me to pursue my interests outside of the classroom. I love being able to contribute to the field and to potentially make a difference in the lives of patients and providers.

What advice would you give to other students considering doing a research project?

Challenge yourself to pursue projects that are out of your comfort zone. Research helps you develop and build important characteristics such as creativity, communication and resilience.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.