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School of Medicine Greenville

Student Research

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville (USCSOMG): Student Project Database
A database of projects completed or started by USCSOMG medical students has been compiled and can be searched by specific keywords or by research mentor. Medical student research is inclusive of the following topical areas:
  • Bedside (Clinical and Translational)
  • Bench (Cellular and Molecular)
  • Community Health
  • Medical Education
  • Population Health/Health Policy
  • Other areas
Additional information regarding student projects is available upon request.

Student Research Database

Project Title Mentor Name Department Research Keywords
(hidden column)
The Vagus Nerve as an Anatomical Correlate of Depression: A pilot study Christopher Troup Surgery Depression, vagus nerve
Ischemic Stroke Patients with a preceding transient ischemic attack (TIA) and thrombolytic therapy in a telestroke and non-telestroke setting. Thomas Nathaniel USCSOMG Stroke, TIA, telestroke, TPA
Gastric Cancers Christine Schammel Cancer Institute Progression, management, and survival
Prostate Artery Embolization Christine Schammel Urology, IR PAE management and outcomes compared to gold standards
Ox Tail Spine Model Melinda Harman Clemson Research Biomechanical
Femoral Head Impact Study Melinda Harman Clemson Research Orthopaedics
PHANTOM – Pregnancy-related Hypertension: Adherence to New Type of Monitoring Lauren Demosthenes, MD OBGYN post-partum hypertension, remote monitoring, Babyscripts, care redesign, patient-centered care
Incorporating Choosing Wisely and High Value Care into M1 Clinical Curriculum Lauren Demosthenes, MD USC Greenville medical curriculum, curricular intervention, high value care, choosing wisely
LARC placement in the postpartum period Dylan Solise OBGYN LARC, postpartum
Stroke Systems of Care and Different Measures to Improve Stroke Patient Care Thomas Nathaniel Biomedical Sciences Stroke Systems of Care , tPA, Telestroke
Compliance with Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Care Protocol William Hand Anesthesiology N/A
Assessing Office-based Addiction Treatment in a Community Health Setting Elizabeth Davis Primary Care Leadership Program: South End Community Health Center addiction, substance use disorder, OBAT, office based addiction program, suboxone, retention rates
The Effect of 17-Alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Utilization on Recurrent Spontaneous Preterm Birth Kacey Eichelberger OBGYN Progesterone, Makena, 17-OHP, 17-Alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate, Spontaneous pre-term birth
The Effects of Social Supports on Relapse in Pregnant women with Substance Use Disorder Kacey Eichelberger OBGYN substance use disorder, social support, pregnancy, relapse
Severity of Idiopathic Toe Walking and Its Influence on Treatment David Westberry Shriner's Hospital for Children orthopedics, idiopathic toe walking, pediatric orthopedics
The Case for Outpatient Care: Undocumented Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Julie Linton Pediatrics End Stage Renal Disease
Exercise is Medicine Greenville (EIMG) Jennifer Trilk Biomedical Sciences exercise, lifestyle, lifestyle medicine, EIMG, Exercise is Medicine Greenville, diet, nutrition, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal
Women's Health Disparities Project Brooks McPhail Biomedical Sciences Maternal Mortality among African American Women
Subsets of Anti-Insulin B Lymphocytes in Type 1 Diabetes Rachel Bonami Vanderbilt University Medical Center - Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology & Immunology B lymphocytes, flow cytometry, type 1 diabetes, ELISA
Type I Diabetes Trial Net Sandra Weber Endocrinology Type I Diabetes Prevention
Treatment Options for T1/T2 NSCLC Christine Schammel Pathology NSCLC, Radiation Therapy, Surgery, T1/T2
Effect of cholesterol reducer medications on thrombolysis therapy and outcomes in acute ischemic stroke patients Thomas Nathaniel Biomedical Sciences acute ischemic stroke
The utility of serial hemoglobin monitoring in blunt splenic injury Kat Pellizzeri Surgery serial hemoglobin
Ventral Hernia Repair After Prior Myofascial Release Jeremy Warren Surgery hernia repair; surgery; myofascial release; component separation
Outcomes of Neonates with Antenatal Diagnosis of CNS Abnormalities Christopher Troup Pediatrics maternal fetal medicine; ultrasound; CNS abnormalities; MRI; NICU; nursery; neonate; outcomes
EPIC MEnTOR Program Daniel Whitehead Clemson Research Drug Development, EPIC, Chemistry
Endometriosis Project Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences BCL6, SIRT1
The Effect of an After School Exercise and Wellness Program on Children’s Self-Value, Stress, and Attitudes Towards Exercise Jennifer Trilk Biomedical Sciences N/A
Hypertension in Athletes - Prospective Study Vicki Nelson Family Medicine N/A
Effect of Metabolic Inhibitors on FA Uptake of Trypanosoma bruceii bruceii Kim Paul Clemson Research fatty acid uptake
Cervical Ripening Lauren Demosthenes OBGYN cervical ripening
Robotic vs. Laparoscopic Paraesophageal Hernia Jeremy Warren Surgery robotic, laparoscopic, hernia repair, surgery
Ventral Hernia Repair in a Contaminated Field Jeremy Warren Surgery VHR, abdomen, hernia, surgery
A Comparison of Blood Based Testing to Tissue Sampling for the Detection of Mutations in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Christine Schammel Pathology Non-small cell lung cancer, tissue biopsy, blood test, EGFR, PD-L1
The Effect of an After-School Exercise and Wellness Program on Children’s Self-Value, Stress, and Attitudes Towards Exercise Jennifer Trilk Biomedical Sciences Exercise, wellness, children, BMI, after-school program, attitude, physical activity, stress
Exercise Counseling in Pregnancy: Are women receiving the information they need? Jennifer Trilk Biomedical Sciences Pregnancy
"Exercise Counseling in Pregnancy: Are women receiving the information they need?" Jennifer Trilk Biomedical Sciences An evaluation of exercise recommendations being given to pregnant women by their OBGYN physicians here at PRISMA Health.
Investigation of patient's diagnosed with ADH/ALH and their progression to invasive carcinoma Christine Schammel Pathology atypical ductal hyperplasia and atypical lobular hyperplasia
Two Year Analysis of Pressfit Noncemented Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty in the Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures Stephan Pill Orthopaedics Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
Routine Cultures of Nonunions John Adams Orthopaedics Orthopaedic surgery, osteomyelitis, nonunion surgery
Acute GI bleeding: Patient characteristics, Endoscopy, Embolization/Surgery and Outcomes Gary Abrams Family Medicine GI Bleeding
Medical Student Perceptions of Emergency Medical Technician Training During the First Year of Medical School William Wright Biomedical Sciences Emergency Medicine
The Role of EMT in Med School (ish, not decided yet) William Wright USC - Columbia EMT, Research, Curriculum
Helping Patients with Chronic Diseases (HTN, DM, Depression) To Understand Behavioral Changes Meenu Jindal Internal Medicine Chronic disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, depression, food behaviors, food preferences
Perceived and Physiological Fatigue: Contributing factors, effects on cognition, empathy, and burnout Lauren Fowler Biomedical Sciences Perceived fatigue, physiological fatigue, biomarkers of fatigue, empathy, cognitive performance, burnout
Gender differences in the outcomes of individuals with the treatment of Ischemic Strokes via the use of TPA Thomas Nathaniel Neuroscience gender, TPA, ischemic, stroke, treatment
Bleeding on OAC Sarah Fox Surgery Colorectal surgery, colonoscopy, bleeding.
US for Pelvic Pain in Reproductive Age Women Phillip Moschella Emergency Medicine Ultrasound, CT scan, High value care, pelvic pain
Gender Differences in Pre Depression and Stroke Outcomes Thomas Nathaniel Neuroscience Neuroscience, stroke, depression, gender differences
The Effect of Pre-Stroke Depression on Patient Outcomes using TPA Methods of Treatment Thomas Nathaniel Biomedical Sciences Neurology, Neurosurgery, TPA, Tele-stroke
Opioid-Dependent Births Case Series Jennifer Hudson Pediatrics Opioid-dependent, birth
Disparities in perinatal depression screening and referral: A retrospective cohort study Laura Carlson OBGYN OB/GYN
Disparities in perinatal depression screening and referral : A retrospective cohort study Laura Carlson OBGYN Depression, perinatal, screening
Evaluation of Working Environment Factors and their Associations with Choice of Treatment Pathway for Health System Employees in the Spine, Shoulder & Knee (SSK) Program Melanie Cozad USC - Arnold School of Public Health orthopedics, patient-specific preferences, shoulder disorders, treatment pathways
Multimedia surgical description of removal of a leiomyoma Sharon Ben-Or Surgery Leiomyoma surgery, multimedia, laproscopic
Blood analysis of tumor markers in lung cancer Sharon Ben-Or Surgery Treatment efficacy, lung cancer, tumor markers, blood sampling, improved patient treatment
Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviors of Religiosity, Spirituality, and Cultural Competence in the Medical Profession: A Cross-sectional survey study Ann Blair Kennedy Biomedical Sciences cultural competence
Case Report: An Atypical Presentation of Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria and Concurrent JAK2(617F) Mutation Mark O'Rourke Internal Medicine Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria; PNH; Budd-Chiari Syndrome; JAK2(617F) mutation; chronic abdominal pain
The Relevance of Personality and Resilience in Medical Students' Choice of Medical Specialty John Cull Clemson Research Personality; Resiliency; Specialty Choice; Burnout; Brief Resilience Scale; Big Factor Five Inventory
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Endometriosis: Prospective Analysis of the Effect of Surgery. Bruce Lessey OBGYN IBS; endometriosis
A Multi-modal, Opioid Sparing Pain Management Strategy in Cardiac Surgery Caroline McKillop Anesthesiology opioid, pain, pain management, cardiac surgery, anesthesia
Insurance Status Influence on Discharge Location and Length of Stay After Ischemic Stroke Christine Schammel Pathology Stroke
Reported Rationales for HPV Vaccination vs. Non-Vaccination Among Undergraduate and Medical Students in Upstate South Carolina. John Cull Surgery HPV
Microwave Ablation of a Gallbladder Remnant Following Partial Cholecystectomy Michael Devane Radiology Ablation
Management of Tibial Bow in Fibular Deficiency David Westberry Orthopedics Tibial Bowing
cfDNA/blastocoel Fluid Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences Embryos
The Effect of Timing of Post-Operative Radiographs on Coronal Balance in Idiopathic Posterior Spinal Fusion Patients—A Retrospective Analysis Michael Wattenbarger Orthopaedics Orthopaedics
CATCH Project Julie Linton Pediatrics We will be working with Berea Middle School as well as Pasos in order to increase the amount of resources available to the underserved Latino and African American students and their families.
Assessing the potential therapeutic efficacy of amnion-based biologics for osteoarthritis Jeremy Mercuri Clemson Research amnion-based biologics, osteoarthritis, steroid injections
Petrosal Bone Morphotype Investigation Lauren Gonzales Biomedical Sciences Petrosal Bone, Comparative anatomy, cochlea, semicircular canals, paleontology
Laparoscopic vs. Open Placement of Ventriculogallbladder Shunt in Cases of Pediatric Hydrocephalus Earl (Chris) Troup Neuroscience ventriculogallbladder shunt, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric shunt revision, hydrocephalus
Outcomes of Revascularization in Patients with Previous Contralateral Amputation Sagar Gandhi Surgery Amputation, revascularization, critical limb ischemia
Retrospective Comparison of Operative Variables from Single Event Multi-Level Surgeries Performed by Two Attending Surgeons versus Single Event Multi-Level Surgeries Performed by One Attending Surgeon Lauren Hyer Shriners Children's Hospital for Orthopedics Orthopaedic Surgery, Surgery, Surgeon
Comparative Biology - Morphotyping the Petrosal Bones of Various Animals to Look at Inner Ear Function Lauren Gonzales Biomedical Sciences Inner Ear, Cochlear, Hearing, Comparative biology, Morphotype
Contaminated Mesh- VHR Jeremy Warren Surgery Contaminated mesh
Patient Engagement Studio Efficacy Ann Kennedy Biomedical Sciences Patient
Sea urchins treated +/- PAF and RNAseq on whole embryos and cfDNA on blastocoel fluid Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences blastocoel fluid
Human survivable aneuploidies and aneuploid vs. euploid Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences Embryo, aneuploid, euploid, DNA, gene expression, blastocoel fluid
Embryo Research Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences Sea urchins treated with +/-PAF and then measure intracellular Ca+2 release
Inner Ear Comparative Morphology Lauren Gonzales Biomedical Sciences Functional Morphology, Comparative Morphology, Gross Anatomy, Petrosal Bones, CT Scans, Plain film X-Rays, 3D Modeling
Diabetes Research John Emerson Center for Family Medicine Diabetes Research
Pediatric Pain Management Blake Windsor Pediatrics Pediatric, pain, non-opioid pain managment
GRE1902R: Functional Outcomes of Complete Excision of the Navicular in Pediatric Foot Deformity David Westberry Orthopaedics pediatrics; navicular bone; Shriner's Hospital for Children; foot deformity
I will know in early May - it will have to do with Surgical Oncology and Breast Cancer Nancy DeMore Cancer Institute Surgical oncology, breast cancer, MUSC Breast Center
Patient Engagement Studio Quality Improvement Evaluation Ann Blair Kennedy Biomedical Sciences TBD
Arteriovenous fistulas in non-hemodialysis patients: A contemporary analysis of a forgotten alternative to venous access Christopher Carsten Surgery TBD
Comparing Y90 Radioembolization and DEB-TACE for Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma with evaluation of ALBI Grade and Child-Pugh Score as prognostic indicators Christine Schammel Pathology Hepatocellular Carcinoma treatment options: Y90 (TARE), DEB-TACE, Sorafenib
Human Economics Project on IVF Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences IVF, OB/GYN
Prevalence of Nocturnal Hypertension and Non -Dipping on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring studies in Obese Children Sudha Garimella Pediatrics Hypertension
Patient Engagement Quality Improvement Research Ann Blair Kennedy Biomedical Sciences Patient Engagement in Research, value, efficacy
EPIC MEnTOR Program Research Kerry Smith Clemson Research pathogen
Dissemination and Implementation of Effective Childhood Obesity Treatment Innovations Kerry Sease Pediatrics I haven't started the project yet so I am not sure what the keywords will be.
To Be Determined Stephan Pill Orthopaedics Shoulder, Sports Medicine, Arthroplasty
Data Collection for Shoulder Arthroplastic and Arthroscopic Surgeries Dr. Stephan Pill Orthopaedics Shoulder arthroplastic and arthroscopic surgeries
Enhancing the YMCA-Diabetes Prevention Program with Mindfulness Training: A Pilot Study Meenu Jindal Internal Medicine Prediabetes, diabetes, mindfulness, prevention
Creation and Assessment of a Modified Stroke Scale with Increased Sensitivity to Posterior Strokes Mahmoud Rayes Neuroscience Creation and Assessment of a Modified Stroke Scale with Increased Sensitivity to Posterior Strokes
Management of Mesh Infection Jeremy Warren Surgery hernia repair, general surgery, mesh infection
Mouse reversine treatment (aneuploiud vs euploid) with cfDNA, RNAseq and RT-PCR Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences embryo, aneuploid, euploid, cfDNA, OBGYN, reversine, embryos, implantation
Patient Consent for Seed Grant 2 Lauren Demosthenes Psychiatry Patient consent, opioids,FAVOR, seed Grand 2, overdose, psychiatry
Outcomes of an ERAS program in patients undergoing laparotomy or minimally invasive surgery for pelvic disease jeffrey elder OBGYN ERAS
In vitro modulation of human lymphocyte and myeloma cell function by bacterial enterotoxins Sergio Arce Biomedical Sciences The heat-labile enterotoxins (HLT) of Escherichia coli LT-IIa, LT-IIb and LT-IIc are potent adjuvants which induce distinct T-helper (Th)-cell cytokine profiles, immunoglobulin G (IgG) subclass and anti-tumoral responses. To determine if the distinct immune regulatory/anti-tumoral effects observed for LT-IIa, LT-IIb, and LT-IIc are elicited by binding of the HLT to their cognate ganglioside receptors, the populations of human lymphoid and myeloma cells that interact with the three HLT and their effects on various lymphocyte/myeloma responses in vitro will be evaluated. It is expected that the data obtained in this study will reveal novel regulatory pathways for enhancing anti-myeloma immune responses and will provide useful information towards understanding the mechanisms which underlie HLT-associated adjuvanticity.
ERAS Protocol Jeffery Elder OBGYN ERAS
Retrospective Analysis of Shoulder Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy Stephan Pill Orthopaedics orthopedics, shoulder, arthroplasty, athroscopy
Comparative Anatomy of Fossil Mammals. Lauren Gonzales Biomedical Sciences Ear Anatomy
ALH and ADH Breast Cancer Christine Schammel Pathology I will be assisting with this project
Colorectal Cancer Christine Schammel Pathology I will be assisting with this project
“In vitro modulation of human lymphocyte and myeloma cell function by bacterial enterotoxins” Sergio Arce Biomedical Sciences enterotoxins, lymphocyte, myeloma cell
Design and Implementation of a Multi-Disciplinary Diabetes focused clinic within a primary care center to support patient self-efficacy and improve diabetes outcomes in an uncontrolled diabetic patient population John Emerson Family Medicine Diabetes
Implementation of Group Medical Visits for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at a Community-Based Primary Care Clinic Shannon Taylor Family Medicine Diabetes
Endometrial BCL6 testing for predicting IVF outcomes: a cohort study Bruce Lessey OBGYN BCL6, endometriosis, IVF
Comparison of SPECT/CT and 2-D Planar Lymphoscintigraphy for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Melanoma of the Head and Neck Christine Schammel Surgery Melanoma, SPECT, CT, SLNB

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