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School of Medicine Greenville

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Interview Day

Selected applicants will be invited to the campus of the UofSC School of Medicine Greenville to participate in an interview day. The day begins with an information session and lunch during which time applicants have the opportunity to meet with current medical students and members of the Dean's cabinet. Each applicant will then have two interviews with a member of the Admissions Committee. Applicants will also rotate through a "Multiple Mini-Interview" session before ending the day with a meeting with our Financial Aid counselor, Student Success Coordinator and a tour of the medical school. The interview day begins at 10:00 AM and generally ends at approximately 5:00 PM.

The purpose of the interview is to help the admissions committee evaluate both the non-cognitive and cognitive qualities of the applicant. Non-cognitive qualities include: motivation, maturity, integrity, sensitivity, interpersonal skills, warmth, intellectual curiosity, the ability to withstand stress, ability to overcome adversity, and basis for the decision to pursue a medical career. The interview also offers an opportunity to discuss the applicant's academic record, medically related experiences and extracurricular and volunteer activities. During the interview, the applicant is provided with additional information about the content and delivery of the curriculum, opportunities for research and Prisma Health-Upstate. Ample time is also allowed for the applicant to ask questions of the interviewer.



Time Activity
10:10 AM Applicants meet at the UofSC School of Medicine Greenville
10:15 AM Meet with UofSC School of Medicine Greenville Admissions Staff
11:30 AM Meet with Dean of the UofSC School of Medicine Greenville and members of the Dean’s Cabinet
12:15 PM Lunch and Meet with Current Students
12:50 PM Interview Block 1 (Traditional 1, Traditional 2 or MMI Block)
1:35 PM Interview Block 2 (Traditional 1, Traditional 2 or MMI Block)
2:20 PM Interview Block 3 (Traditional 1, Traditional 2 or MMI Block)
3:15 PM Meet with Financial Aid and Student Affairs Staff
3:45 PM  Tour with Current Students


The Traditional Interview

Applicants will have two individual 30-minute interviews. Interviews are conducted by members of the Admissions Committee. While both interviewers will have access to the applicant's entire application, one of the two interviewers will focus on the applicant's interpersonal and communication skills, integrity, professionalism and response to specific matrix questions. The other interviewer will focus on the applicant's academic background (GPA, MCAT score, undergraduate major(s), additional degree(s), etc.) while also offering the applicant an opportunity to provide additional details about his/her application, experiences and reasons for choosing a career in medicine.


The Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI)

Each applicant will complete a circuit consisting of five mini-interview stations. Before each station, the applicant will have three minutes to review a pre-determined scenario door note, or task to address, prior to entering the room. Each session lasts a total of 5 minutes. Admissions staff will pre-brief each applicant to ensure they  understand what to expect from these interviews. They will be available for any questions, to keep time and to notify the applicant when to enter the room for the scenario as well as when to move to the next station.

Four stations will be staffed by a standardized patient and one will be staffed by a member of the admissions committee.

The MMI does not require "clinical knowledge." Rather it is designed to assess essential non-cognitive skills including communication, problem-solving skills, interpersonal and attentive listening skills, empathy, professionalism, general knowledge of relevant health care and societal issues and ability to respond and think critically during specific scenarios.

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