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Electron Microscopy


JEOL 1400 Plus Transmission Electron Microscope


The JEOL 1400 plus transmission electron microscope is a standard TEM system for imaging biological ultrastructure. The IRF system is equipped with:

  • Tungsten filament
  • Resolution of 0.2nm
  • Serial EM program for Tomography (+/- 60 degree tilt) and Stitching
  • Accelerating voltages adjustable to 120kV
  • Advanced Microscopy Techniques side mounted 8K bottom mount digital camera


  • High resolution ultrastructural imaging
  • Immunocytochemistry with collodial gold and other electron dense probes
  • Diffraction
  • Tomography


The JEOL 1400 plus TEM system is located in Building 1, Room B59.

Contact: Jeffrey Miles Davis

JEOL JSM IT100 Scanning Electron Microscope

The JEOL JSM IT100 scanning electron microscope is a fully integrated digital high vacuum system. The system in the IRF is equipped with:

  • Tungsten filiment
  • High resolution secondary and TV rate backscatter detectors
  • Resolution in secondary mode of 3.5nm
  • Resolution in backscattered mode of 10nm
  • Sample size of up to 5 inches in diameter can be fully imaged
  • Motorized X-Y stage that can be driven to stored positions
  • Preset Z working distances from 8, 15, 25, 39, and 48mm
  • Eucentric stage with tilt capablilty of -5 to + 90 at a working distance of 48mm
  • 360 rotation
  • Accelerating voltages from 0.5-30kV
  • Magnifications from 5X-300,000X
  • Visions Software Package
  • Polaroid film and digital image storage


  • Imaging surface morphology of biological and materials samples
  • Imaging cell: cell and cell: ECM interactions
  • Colloidal gold immunocytochemistry of surface molecules


The JEOL JSM IT100 system is located in Building 1, Room B59.

Contact: Jeffrey Miles Davis