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School of Medicine Columbia

South Carolina Rural Healthcare Resource Dashboard

The SC Healthcare Resource Dashboard is an informational tool that draws data from a variety of public, and semi-public data.  The data in the dashboard is intended to provide communities with data that they may need to make decisions, implement programs, and target specific areas of need.

How to Use the Dashboard:

The County and Zip Code Summary tab provides details about counties, and the zip codes within that county.  These data include census / demographic data, healthcare resource data, disease incidence, health care utilization, health behaviors, and socioeconomics.  Future iterations will include download and reporting functions for this tab.

The other tabs are maps that are built from the data in the County and Zip Code Summary tab.  These allow for in-depth visualization of specific areas.  Clicking on an area will provide a pop up box with the values on that area, specific to that map.  The search function will allow for obtaining data for specific locations.

Check the final tab, ‘Documentation’ for details on where the data comes from.

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