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Gregorio Gomez

Title: Assistant Professor of Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology
Department: Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology
School of Medicine
Phone: 803-216-3400

Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology
Basic Science Bldg 1


Graduate Studies: University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
Postdoctoral: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Faculty: Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA


My research is in the field of allergy and asthma.  The goal is to identify and characterize the molecular and immunological mechanisms that regulate mast cells, key effector cells of IgE-mediated immediate hypersensitivity reactions.  The current focus is to (1) Determine the role of extracellular adenosine in the regulation of mediator release from human mast cells; and (2) Determine the effect of Resveratrol on IgE-dependent mast cell function and the allergic response. 

The release of allergic/inflammatory mediators from mast cells can occur following stimulation with a variety of agents.  However, allergic responses are more closely associated with cross-linking of the high affinity Fc receptor for IgE, FcεRI, by multivalent antigen, which results in the immediate release of pre-formed inflammatory mediators stored within cytoplasmic granules (degranulation), biosynthesis and release of lipid mediators, and secretion of de-novo produced cytokines.  Adenosine is a purine nucleoside produced from the de-phosphorylation of ATP; thus, its production is intimately connected to cellular metabolism.  Our interest in adenosine stems from its ability to potentiate and inhibit mast cell degranulation, and to induce bronchoconstriction in asthmatics.  We recently identified a previously unrecognized differential degranulation response to adenosine by human lung and skin mast cells, and identified human A3AR as a potentiating receptor.  Current studies are aimed at (1) Defining a role for intracellular adenosine as a negative regulator of mast cell degranulation, (2) Identifying a role for IgE in the regulation of adenosine receptor gene expression, and (3) Determining the effect of adenosine on IgE-induced activation of the NF-κB pathway, and identifying the adenosine receptor(s) responsible.


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