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School of Law

Health & Wellness

The Office of Student Affairs strives to provide support to address the multidimensional aspect of connecting the body and brain, empowering students to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while attending Law School, and beyond.


Emotional awareness is one's ability to express and manage feelings. It is important to know and accept personal limitations while being open to development. Being able to have a positive outlook on life stems from being accountable for self-acceptance.

UofSC School of Law offers:

  • Access to UofSC Counseling & Psychiatry Services. There are various confidential services including individual/couples counseling, group counseling, psychiatric services, and suicide prevention services.
  • Access to Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP)
  • The Office of Student Affairs works in partnership with your Law Student Organizations to provide stress and emotional relief during exams.  Programs have included exam breaks, meditation classes, and puppies in the courtyard.
  • One-on-one counseling from Lawyers Helping Lawyers is available at the Law School. The Office of Student Affairs will provide the scheduled days and times.
  • Personal attention with members of the Office of Student Affairs, including our in-residence counselor. If you are  looking for a safe space to talk, receive advice, or take a breather, we encourage you to visit us in Office 127.


For many, law school is a significant investment financially which can be a stressor and lead to a lifestyle change.  Knowing how to manage budgets initially is highly recommended to avoid being overwhelmed later. It is essential to understand how to plan for the present and future especially with educational debt.

UofSC School of Law offers:

  • The Office of Student Affairs maintains a running list of Scholarships and Writing Competitions currently available to students and offer financial awards.  These can be found on your My Law page for Student Affairs under the Awards, Scholarships, and Writing Competitions tab.  Check back often!
  • The Law School partners with the AccessLex Institute to provide programming each year regarding  financial literacy and student loan repayment planning.  Additionally, AccessLex has made its Scholarship Databank available.
  • The Office of Student Affairs may also be able to direct you to additional resources if you find yourself in financial need during your time in Law School.  We encourage you to visit us in Office 127 if you are having difficulty.


When factoring in classes, study sessions, and work schedules, there are times where you may feel like there aren't enough hours in the day.  As a result, physical wellness can easily take a back seat.  Outside of being physically active, physical wellness is also achieved with a balanced diet and sufficient sleep.

UofSC School of Law offers:


There is a strong connection between one's social environment and overall health. It is important to create relationships, take time to enjoy activities with a friend, and find a support system while in law school. The sense of belonging will enrich your life and improve your response to stressors in life.

UofSC School of Law offers:

  • Peer Mentors provide guidance for first-year and transfer students to become engaged in various ways while navigating this new community.
  • Social events throughout the year to enhance student life among UofSC School of Law faculty, students, and staff. Some of the most popular events include:
    • Phi Delta Phi's annual Law School Auction. This event raises funds for summer grants for law students working in the public interest sector.
    • Student Bar Association's variety of off-campus social gathering and networking events, and many other organization events and gatherings.  Be sure to check your My Law page for Student Affairs under the tab This Month @ The Law School for more information!
  • Over 25 student groups and organizations covering an array of activities and interests! This includes our outstanding Moot Court and Mock Trial teams.


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