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M.Y. Pro Bono

Managing Your Pro Bono

The primary focus is all about students managing their pro bono projects, hours and contacts. This fits with our ongoing paradigm that pro bono is personal and is designed to meet the personal needs and goals of the individual students.

What can you do with M.Y. Pro Bono?

Mange your different pro bono activities and projects; keep track of the time you spend on pro bono work; send yourself reminders; keep up to date on the latest information about pro bono projects.

How easy is it to use?

  • Easy to login from anywhere as the program is Cloud based.
  • Unique user id
  • Password protected data
  • Calendar function
  • Attach documents
  • Synchronize w/ iCal, Outlook, Dropbox

Why would I want to do this?

  • Track your time (skill — time management)
  • Create a database of opportunities
  • Manage projects (skill — team and project management)
  • Build and manage contacts
  • Up to date information on opportunities
  • Exposure to “client management/tracking” concept

How do I get started?

When you sign up for a Pro Bono Program project you will receive information about M.Y Pro Bono and will be sent instructions. If you do not receive this in a timely manner please contact the Program.