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Grammar Diagnostic


  • To:       Incoming Class of 2022
  • From: Amy L. Milligan, Assistant Director of Legal Writing
  • Date:   August 1, 2019
  • Re:       Your First Law School Assignment: Completing a Grammar Diagnostic Test Prior to or During Orientation

Welcome to the University of South Carolina School of Law, Class of 2022.  During both semesters of your first year, you will be enrolled in Legal Research, Analysis & Writing.  Not only is LRAW the only course that you will take both semesters of your first year, it is also the only legal skills course that you will take your first year. The skills you learn in LRAW are skills that you will use during your summer clerkships and in your legal practice, no matter which professional path you pursue.

As your first task for this class, sometime between now and August 20, you will need to complete an online diagnostic exam testing your knowledge of punctuation and grammar skills that are necessary to write well as a lawyer and to perform well in this course. 

If possible, purchase your copy of Just Writing by Anne Enquist & Laurel Currie Oates prior to taking the diagnostic exam; you should not rent this book because you will need it for two semesters.  Note that any edition of this book will be fine for this course, regardless of the edition listed with Barnes & Noble.  You can find reasonably priced, used editions on  Some editions come with a CD that includes extra exercises; you are not required to purchase an edition that comes with the CD. 

Note that you do not need the book to take the diagnostic exam, but having it beforehand will be useful.

Once you purchase the book, read the Introduction, which will orient you to legal writing.

Carefully read the instructions below before starting the exam. 




Accessing the Diagnostic Exam

  1. Go to and register for an account.
  2. Then go to and log in.
  3. Enter Class ID listed for your LRAW professors below. The first name listed is your legal writing professor, and the second name listed is your legal research professor.
  • Section 1, Groups 1 & 2, Baker/Conroy:          OEDF07F8ADF          
  • Section 1, Groups 3 & 4, Dalzell/Glenn:           OEDP4BAF0B2         
  • Section 2, Groups 5 & 6, Leonardi/Brackman: OEDP9D46EFB
  • Section 2, Groups 7 & 8, Virzi/Maxwell:           OEDPA442F8E
  • Section 3, Groups 9 & 10, Leventis/Alford:      OEDF9FABCC5
  • Section 3, Groups 11 & 12, Milligan/Ross:       OEDPF168DA1
  1. Click “Submit” and you will be brought to the start of the exam. Click on “Click here to begin the exam.” 


Taking the Diagnostic Exam

  • Complete the exam any time between now and 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 20.
  • The exam consists of eighty-eight multiple-choice questions, which should take you between forty-five and seventy-five minutes to complete.
  • Consider taking the exam in a place with minimal distractions, such as a library or computer lab.
  • Carefully read each question. Skimming the questions could lead to your misreading the questions, which in turn could lead to your selecting incorrect answers.
  • Make sure you receive a confirmation dialog box after you have submitted your completed exam to ensure your exam results were submitted correctly.


Making the Most of Your Diagnostic Exam Results

After completing the exam, you will receive your results broken down by the grammar or punctuation rule that each question tested.  The question numbers you answered correctly will appear in green, while the question numbers you answered incorrectly will appear in red.  If you move your cursor over a question number, a box will appear that will inform you of the correct answer and the section of Just Writing that addresses the relevant grammar or punctuation rule.  We strongly encourage you to review the sections of Just Writing related to each question that you answered incorrectly.  Doing so will give you a jump on what is sure to be a busy semester.  After the semester begins, you will meet with your legal writing professor to discuss the results of your exam.

If you have any questions, or if you need assistance with this process, please contact me at If your questions arise after orientation begins, you should contact your legal writing professor.

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