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Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 Legaltech Seminar Series focused on Law Firm Office Technology and how lawyers need to address ever-changing issues in their daily practice.

“Lawyers’ Duties of Technological Competence”

January 11, 2018 — Dr. Gregory B. Adams, Associate Professor of Law, University of South Carolina School of Law

Ninety-five percent of cyber breaches result from human error: ignorance and carelessness. Threats come from everywhere. Law firms frequently fail to protect confidential information that is created, stored, and transmitted electronically.

Lawyers have ethical duties of competence and confidentiality; similar fiduciary duties are owed clients by lawyers and law firms. This seminar will identify and illustrate these ethical and fiduciary duties as they apply to computers, tablets, smart phones, email, the internet, and the cloud. Dr. Adams will provide practical tips and techniques to avoid ethical and fiduciary breaches and the loss of professional reputation and clients as well as how to minimize the danger of catastrophic liability.

  • Approved for 1-hour Ethics CLE credit (181277)

“Technology for a Paperless Small Law Firm”

January 25, 2018 — Thomas Pendarvis, Esq., Pendarvis Law Offices, P.C.

There’s a lot more to going “paperless” than simply buying a scanner and some software. A wide variety of technology alternatives are available for lawyers and law firms. Similarly, a multitude of methodologies are available to a small law firm to incorporate those technical tools into a “paperless” operation of the firm’s practice.  Thomas Pendarvis will share some of the tips and tricks that he has employed since 2004 in operating his “paperless” law firm, as well as discussing developing trends in the legal technology field.

  • Approved for 1-hour CLE credit (182228)

“Law Firm Compliance with HIPAA”

February 22, 2018 — Emily Suski, Assistant Professor of Law, University of South Carolina School of Law and Craig Stanley, Director of Legal Affairs, University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Please note a room change for this event: This seminar will take place in Room 289.

HIPAA covers more than just health care providers. Lawyers and law firms can be business associates under HIPAA because they receive and maintain protected health information. When they do, they must comply with HIPAA’s requirements regardless of whether they have signed business associate agreements. This seminar will discuss business associate status and what it requires of lawyers and law firms under HIPAA. Specifically, it will discuss HIPAA’s privacy, security, and breach requirements for law firms and lawyers and the relationship between those requirements and lawyers’ ethical obligations regarding confidentiality of client information.

  • Approved for 1-hour Ethics CLE credit (181358)

“Cloud Computing Practice Management for Lawyers”

March 8, 2018 — William Booth, Esq.

Starting around 2008, an attorney seeking to purchase and implement a practice management system for keeping track of cases or matters had a choice along two divergent paths.  Does the attorney choose a traditional packaged application and install on local computers or does the attorney purchase the system from a vendor who owns the software and runs it on computers in its data center?  Without IT support staff or budgets to manage expensive on-premises solutions, the cloud is a welcome alternative.

Attorney William Booth, a former chairperson of the South Carolina Bar’s Law Office Technology Committee, will discuss the various cloud based practice management options for attorneys, as well as helpful resources that allow attorneys make the proper, insightful cloud practice management choices for themselves and their clients.

  • Approved for 1-hour CLE credit (183099)

“Pro Bono Software”

March 22, 2018 — Justice John Cannon Few, Supreme Court of South Carolina

The Justice Index rated South Carolina worst in the country at providing poverty stricken people with access to attorneys. Less than 1,000 of South Carolina’s approximately 9,000 active attorneys provide pro bono legal services. Meanwhile, many of South Carolina’s attorneys are actively seeking opportunities to gain more experience — either to develop new skills or to expand their practice areas. In an attempt to integrate these two demands, Justice John Cannon Few has pioneered the development of a new legal software that uses state of the art technology to match attorneys with those in need. This seminar will unveil this new software to our legal community in South Carolina.

  • Approved for 1-hour CLE credit (181242)

“Knowledge Management”

April 5, 2018 — Dave Maxfield, Esq.

It’s a difficult world for law firms these days. Client demands, increased competition, and the distractions of technology can put pressure on any business. Law firms that try to respond with “traditional” firm management techniques are perhaps more susceptible than any other business to falling victim to the chaos. But there’s a better way — Join Dave Maxfield, co-author of The Lean Law Firm, as he shows you how to apply the Lean techniques pioneered by super-efficient and profitable companies like Toyota in your own law firm. This seminar will introduce you to Lean concepts, and get you started on your own Lean transformation journey.

  • Approved for 1-hour CLE credit (184033)

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