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School of Law

Spring 2016

Technodabble: The Use of Technology in ‘Undisclosed’

January 7, 2016

The Undisclosed Podcast picked up where the Serial Podcast left off: investigating the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the question of whether Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted of that crime. Associate Dean Colin Miller is one of the creators, producers, and hosts of the Podcast. He will discuss his use of technology in his development and recording of the podcast.

Police Body-Cams: Practical, Policy, and Legal Implications

January 21, 2016

Body-worn camera systems are quickly becoming an essential piece of policing equipment at agencies across the country. In this seminar, Professor Seth Stoughton will identify the potential advantages that police body-cams offer to law enforcement and to police/community relations. He will discuss the practical, policy, and legal implications that must be kept in mind as lawyers, police executives, policymakers, and communities adopt and evaluate this promising new technology.


February 4, 2016

Michael Scherck, Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI Cybercrimes Unit for South Carolina will give an unclassified threat brief with focus on how current law affects FBI investigations. The presentation will be an excellent lead in to the South Carolina Law Review’s Symposium “Cyber Attacks and Civil Liability” which will be held later in the day on February 4 and all day February 5.

Lean Law Office Management

February 18, 2016

Dave Maxfield is a practicing attorney with over twenty years’ experience in small and solo firms, specializing in consumer protection law in Columbia, South Carolina. He is a three-time ABA TechShow speaker on mind-mapping and paperless technology. Dave has also taught mind-mapping and Information Visualization techniques to lawyers as a consultant, as a lecturer at national and regional ABA and AAJ conferences, and to law students at Harvard, the University of Colorado, William & Mary, and UCLA. Dave’s presentation will focus on taking a manufacturing systems based approach to small law firm office management, including how to be much more efficient in processes and in the use of technology.

Identity Theft and Data Security Breaches

March 3, 2016
Martha (“Marti”) Phillips, Esq. — Deputy Administrator and Director of the Identity Theft Unit at the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs.

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the South Carolina Financial Identity Fraud and Identity Theft Protection Act (FIFITPA) with a focus on state data security breach notification laws and recent legislation regarding Personal Identifying Information (PII). The Act provides both protections for consumers in the areas of security freezes, credit reports, records disposal and also places requirements on businesses and public bodies with regard to the collection, maintenance, and disposal of consumers’ personal information.

The Virtual Law Office and Leveraging Technology

March 17, 2016
Anthony Bellino, Litigation Technology Help Desk Manager, Deloitte (Contractor) Litigation Technology Service Center (LTSC) Department of Justice/EOUSA.

Anthony Bellino, a licensed attorney and project management specialist with Deloitte will discuss a practical approach for those seeking to improve efficiency, gain flexibility and provide a more streamlined client experience through the use of technology in the practice of law. Mr. Bellino will provide insight to technology that can help “virtualize” the practice of law and enhance client interaction. He will speak to apps and tools available, and demo some virtual case software.

Emerging Issues in European Privacy Law

March 31, 2016
Alexander M White, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer for the U.S. State of South Carolina.

Developments in international law are especially impactful when it comes to personal information. Organizations transfer this data, or pieces of it, across borders regularly, potentially submitting their operations to the laws and regulations of those jurisdictions. No jurisdiction is more influential in modern privacy law than the European Union, where big changes have occurred and look to continue. In this session, we will discuss recent developments in US-EU privacy interactions and examine a sweeping new EU law that could affect organizations around the world.

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