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We offer trainings throughout the year on various topics related to children's law and child well-being. All of our programs are developed by former practitioners with years of experience and expertise in the topic area and are designed to ensure you get the most out of your training experience. Please check back for updates - trainings are added throughout the year.

Upcoming Training Events

Annual Children's Law Conference

Join child-serving professionals from across the state for this annual multidisciplinary conference on various topics related to children’s law.

ChildFirst® South Carolina

Learn the necessary skills to conduct an investigative interview of a suspected child abuse victim in this intensive five-day course. Registration is limited to local teams of professionals who conduct forensic interviews of suspected child abuse victims or defend forensic interviews in court.

Recognizing and Investigating Child Physical and Medical Abuse

Frontline investigators and child welfare professionals will learn best practices for the critical steps to be taken in child physical abuse and neglect investigations.

Recognizing and Investigating Child Sexual Abuse

This is a 1½ day in-depth training focused on sexual abuse investigations and court presentation of sexual abuse cases.

Upon Request

Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 

Recognize signs of child abuse and neglect and gain a clearer understanding of reporting requirements.

Online Training

Kid's Law

This power point presentation, designed for youths in a question/answer format, provides an overview of state laws affecting young people in South Carolina. This is a two-part series with Part One addressing general laws and Part Two addressing juvenile delinquency and criminal acts.