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School of Law

Honor Roll of Donors

Gifts made to the University of South Carolina School of Law make a tremendous difference in the lives of law students. Thanks to your support, the School of Law can continue its tradition of delivering excellence while educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to our Dean’s Circle members who contributed $1,000 or more and to all of our donors whom donated during the academic year of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. The University of South Carolina School of Law is grateful for the generosity of the individuals, corporations and foundations who continue to support our talented students.

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listing. If errors or omissions have occurred, we express our sincerest apologies. To correct our records, please contact Travis Tester by email or by phone at (803) 777-6618.

Dean's Circle ($1,000 or more)

Matthew A. Abee ('13) and Kinli Abee
Joseph F. Anderson, Jr. ('75)
John A. Baden IV ('02)
George S. Bailey ('75)
James R. Barber III ('69)
Benjamin A. Barnhill ('01)
Caroline Wyche Dixon Bartman ('82)
Colden R. Battey, Jr. ('63)
Howell V. Bellamy, Jr. ('62)
Mark E. Bergeson ('84) and Donna Bergeson ('84)
Joe E. Berry, Jr. ('55) and Charlotte Lunsford Berry
William L. Bethea, Jr. ('69) and Paula Harper Bethea
Robert D. Black ('82)
Cherie W. Blackburn ('87)
Nancy Hallman Booco ('76)
Jocelyn G. Boyd ('95)
Susan Fair Boyd
William C. Boyd ('65) and Erwin Boyd
Ladson F. Boyle
Thomas C. Brittain ('78)
Charles Mitchell Brown
Robert H. Brunson ('88)
Michael Wesley Burkett
Malissa Burnette ('77)
Katharine I. Butler
Timothy Martin Cain ('86) Renee Patterson Cain
John P. Cardillo ('68)
Alysja Carlisle ('15) and James J. Carlisle
Elizabeth Carpentier ('79) and Philip T. Lacy
Beverly A. Carroll ('81)
Jim L. Carroll
Rita Bragg Caughman ('80)
Michelle Childs ('91)
William Clyburn, Jr. ('92)
Donald Cecil Coggins, Jr. ('84)
Ronnie M. Cole ('76)
Joel W. Collins, Jr. ('68)
Thomas W. Cooper, Jr. ('73)
Edward B. Cottingham ('53)
Mary Jane Cowden
Lewis Cromer ('59)
Timothy A. Crowell
Elizabeth Crum ('73)
Richard E. Day
Jean P. Derrick ('77)
Richard C. Detwiler ('85)
Gus M. Dixon ('88) and Kimberly Dixon
Dwight F. Drake ('72) and Beth Drake ('87)
Meyer Drucker ('66)
William S. Duffey, Jr. ('77) and Betsy Duffey
Patrick M. Duffy, Sr. ('68) and Katherine H. Duffy
David E. Dukes ('84) and Karen Dukes
Mark C. Dukes ('89)
Brian Dumas ('81)
Deirdre W. Edmonds ('87) and Waymon S. Edmonds II
Lisa A. Eichhorn
Curtis Elliott, Jr. ('80)
William P. Ewing ('89)
Timothy J. Fitzgibbon
Lawrence E. Flynn, Jr. ('74) and Anne Flynn
Robert W. Foster, Jr. ('82)
Margaret M. Fox ('92)
Deborah Francis ('03)
John Frick
Allan From ('75)
Fayrell Furr, Jr. ('68)
James R. Gilreath ('67)
Kevin H. Good ('77)
Tolbert Goolsby, Jr. ('62) and Mary F. Goolsby
James Cranston, Jr. ('79) and Carolyn Joye Gray ('79)
Elizabeth Van Doren Gray ('76)
Thomas P. Gressette, Jr. ('97)
John A. Hagins, Jr. ('63)Brady Hair ('86)
Michelle Hardy ('00) and Mason Hardy
Richard A. Harpootlian ('74)
John M. S. Hoefer ('84)
Michael W. Hogue ('91)
Bruce E. Hood ('77)
Robert H. Hood ('69) and Mary Agnes Hood
Robert R. Horger ('75)
Gedney M. Howe III ('73)
William C. Hubbard ('77)
James M. Hughes ('93)
Thomas L. Hughston, Jr. ('68)
Jean Perrin Derrick ('77)
William Reamer Johnson ('05)
Mark Jones ('87)
Richard A. Jones, Jr. ('72)
George R. Jurch III ('93)
Anne McGinness Kearse ('98)
William P. Keesley ('78)
Ralph S. Kennedy, Jr. ('86)
Anthony Kim ('14)
Marion A. Knox, Jr. and Catherine C. Knox
James S. Konduros ('54) and Kathy H. Konduros
Don Larry Kristinik III ('92)
Augusta P. Kuhn ('95) and John R. Kuhn
John F. Kuppens ('89)
Joseph J. Kusa and Maria Ilona Kusa
Stanford E. Lacy ('74)
Becky Laffitte ('83)
Lanneau W. Lambert, Jr. ('81)

William H. Latham
Robert D. Latshaw
James K. Lehman ('90) and Donna Lehman
Athena Leventis
Leigh J. Leventis ('78)
Charles Lipman ('66)
Toney J. Lister ('74) and Cynthia Lister
Miles Loadholt ('68) and Ann G. Loadholt
Daniel B. Lott, Jr. ('91)
Neal M. Lourie ('93) and Robin Lourie
Cheryl A. Lydon ('87)
Teresa E. MacGillivray ('89)
Frank Manning, Jr. ('79) and Claire Tuten Manning ('81)
Caroline B. Marchant
John D. Martin ('00)
Morgan Martin ('78)
Sylvia A. Matthews ('86)
Roxanne B. Mayer ('87) and Donald L. Mayer
Windell McCrackin ('55)
Thomas E. McCutchen ('46)
Linda C. McDonald ('79)
Thomas McGrath ('66)
Henry McKellar ('74)
Robert A. McKenzie ('66)
Daniel R. McLeod ('73)
Susan McNamee ('83)
Ian McVey ('03) and Theile McVey ('00)
Alan Medlin ('79) and Florence Medlin
Julio Mendoza, Jr. ('83)
Brandy Berry Milazzo ('01)
William H. Moore, Jr. ('83) and Renee W. Moore
Hampton Morris ('76)
Edward W. Mullins, Jr. ('59)
Sara Najjar-Wilson ('69)
Everette H. Newman ('65)
Paul B. Nix, Jr. ('80)
Richard B. North, Jr. and Claudia North
Joan R. Owen ('86) and David G. Owen
Michael R. Owens ('73)
Susan Palmer
Charles W. Patrick, Jr. ('79) and Celeste H. Patrick
Anne Porchér Perrin
Edward P. Perrin, Jr. ('82)
Stephen H. Perry ('90)
James Paul Porter ('12)
Philip D. Porter ('82)
Marvin Quattlebaum, Jr. ('89) and Laurie Quattlebaum
Alan J. Reyner ('76)
Helen Janes Reynolds ('73)
William M. Reynolds III ('00)
James H. Rion, Jr. ('81) and Jean A. Rion
Edward C. Roberts ('62)
Neil C. Robinson, Jr. ('73)
James F. Rogers ('89) and Linda W. ('89) Rogers
Whitaker B. Rose ('11)
John M. Rucker ('69)
Patricia M. Sabalis ('81)
Tracy L. Salisbury ('82)
Daniel S. Sanders, Jr. ('89) and Lynda Suzanne Sanders ('91)
Marian W. Scalise ('94)
Jeffrey M. Schilz ('04)
Russell J. Schwartz
Lesley W. Sercer ('98)
Robert J. Sheheen ('68)
Charles B. Simmons, Jr. ('82)
John S. Simmons ('87)
Elena Leventis Skipper
James E. Smith, Jr. ('95) and Kirkland Smith
Nina N. Smith ('80) and James E. Smith
John A. Sowards ('82)
Mitchell Spearman ('06)
Sarah Springer ('80)
Eve Moredock Stacey ('79)
Samuel Stilwell ('61) and Robin Stilwell
William C. Stork ('69)
Howard B. Stravitz
Brooks Styles ('73)
August G. Swarat, II ('94) and Eleanor Foster Swarat ('95)
Inez Moore Tenebaum ('86) and Samuel J. Tenenbaum
Thomson Reuters
Justin A. Thornton ('77) and Debra Thornton
Eric S. Tresh ('95)
John C. von Lehe, Jr. ('68)
Ethan R. Ware ('86) and Kay Ware
Bradish J. Waring ('77)
Calhoun Watson ('87)
Roger A. Way, Jr. ('75) and Suzanne S. Benson
Katherine Wells ('91)
Edward J. Westbrook ('76) Liesl Hughes Westbrook
Thadeous H. Westbrook III ('99)
Tricia Wharton Whitener ('85)
Robert M. Wilcox ('81) and Lisa Wilcox
Donald B. Wildman ('74)
Hugh L. Willcox, Jr. ('71)
Charles H. Williams II ('75)
Marc E. Williams
Ray R. Williams, Jr. ('66)
Margaret M. Witten ('85)
David M. Yokel ('84)