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School of Law

Honor Roll of Donors

Gifts made to the University of South Carolina School of Law make a tremendous difference in the lives of law students. Thanks to your investment, the School of Law can continue its tradition of delivering excellence while educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to our Dean’s Circle members who contributed $1,000 or more to the Law Carolina Fund and to all of our donors whom donated during the fiscal year of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019. The University of South Carolina School of Law is grateful for the generosity of the individuals, corporations and foundations who continue to support our talented students.

Please note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the listing. If errors or omissions have occurred, we express our sincerest apologies. To correct our records, please contact Kaydee Arthur by email or by phone at (803) 777-1093.

Dean's Circle ($1,000 or more to the Law Carolina Fund)

Matthew A. Abee ('13) and Kinli Abee

Joseph F. Anderson, Jr. ('75)

James R. Barber III ('69) and Susan F. Barber

Ralph W. Barbier III ('94)
  and Deborah B. Barbier ('94)

Benjamin A. Barnhill ('01)

Caroline Wyche Dixon Bartman ('82)

Clinch H. Belser, Jr. ('70) and Mary Belser

David Black ('82)

C. Adair Bledsoe, Jr. ('89) and Angela Bledsoe

Jocelyn G. Boyd ('95) and Samuel J. Boyd

Bill B. Bozeman ('52)

James E. Bradley ('93) and Elizabeth H. Bradley ('86)

Charles William Branham III ('99)

Michael Wesley Burkett ('99) and Kelly Burkett

Jennifer Spragins Burnett ('01) and Karl O. Burnett

M. Malissa Burnette ('77)
  and Michael Grant LeFever

John W. Bachmann and Katharine I. Butler

Timothy Martin Cain ('86)
  and Renee Patterson Cain

John P. Cardillo ('68)

Marvin J. Caughman ('78)
  and Rita Bragg Caughman ('80)

Donald Cecil Coggins, Jr. ('84) and Joyce Coggins

J. Derham Cole ('76) and Candace C. Cole

Edward B. Cottingham ('53)

Mary Jane Cowden

Mary Agnes Craig ('94)

M. Elizabeth Crum ('73) and James H. Byrum

Richard C. Detwiler ('85) and Janet S. Detwiler

Harry A. Dixon ('16) and Ashley Dixon ('15)

Robert A. Dobson III ('62) and Elizabeth C. Dobson

Dr. Meyer Drucker ('66) and Barbara Drucker

Amanda D. Dudgeon ('05)
  and Wesley David Dudgeon

William S. Duffey, Jr. ('77) and Betsy B. Duffey

David E. Dukes ('84) and Karen Dukes

Deirdre W. Edmonds ('87) and
  Waymon Sanders Edmonds III

W. Curtis Elliott, Jr. ('80) and Margaret W. Elliott

Ann E. Ervin ('09) and Tucker Ervin

William P. Ewing ('89)

John Thomas Floyd ('09)

Margaret M. Fox ('92) and Bill Fox

I. Allan From '75

E. Paul Gibson

James R. Gilreath ('67) and Lynn M. Gilreath

Robert F. Goings ('06)
  and Rebecca Wright Goings ('06)

Kevin H. Good ('77)

Elizabeth Van Doren Gray ('76)

Katharine D. Haimbaugh

Daryl G. Hawkins ('82)
  and Susanne A. Hawkins ('82)

Bruce E. Hood ('77)

Robert R. Horger ('75) and Ruth G. Horger

James M. Hughes ('93)

Betsy Johnson ('82)

George R. Jurch III ('93) and Gina Jurch

William P. Keesley ('78)

Craig N. Killen ('91) and Maryann H. Killen

Anthony Kim ('14)

Luther C. Kissam IV ('89) and Kathryn S. Kissam

Rebecca Laffitte ('83)

Lanneau W. Lambert, Jr. ('81) and Nancy H. Lambert

Wallace Lightsey

Charles Lipman ('66) and Eva Lipman

Toney J. Lister ('74) and Cynthia L. Lister

Stephen W. Long ('06)

Daniel B. Lott, Jr. ('91) and Jennifer Lott

Sylvia A. Matthews ('86)

Patrick McCarthy ('97) and Jennifer Leigh McCarthy

E. Windell McCrackin ('55) and Johann M. McCrackin

Linda C. McDonald ('79)

Moffatt G. McDonald

William P. McElveen, Jr. ('84) and Tammy H. McElveen

J. Thomas McGrath ('66) and Lynn M. McGrath

L. Henry McKellar ('74)

E. Leary McKenzie ('14)

John F. McKenzie ('98) and Dora Ann McKenzie

Robert A. McKenzie ('66) and Sarah H. McKenzie

James T. McLaren ('76) and Patricia S. McLaren

Ian Douglas McVey ('03) and Theile McVey ('00)

S. Alan Medlin ('79) and Florence H. Medlin

Robert R. Meredith, Jr. ('93) and Beth Meredith

R. William Metzger, Jr. ('89) and Jean R. Metzger ('88)

W. Hampton Morris ('76) and Carter H. Morris

Everette H. Newman ('65) and Beverly Carter Newman

John S. Nichols ('85) and Michelle C. Nichols

Edward P. Perrin, Jr. ('82) and Linda K. Perrin

Stephen H. Perry ('90)

G. Mark Phillips ('86) and Karen J. Phillips

Thomas H. Pope III ('74) and Adele J. Pope ('74)

Margaret Christian Pope ('75) and Gary T. Pope

A. Marvin Quattlebaum, Jr. ('89) and Laurie E. Quattlebaum

Matthew T. Richardson ('98) and Beth B. Richardson

James H. Rion, Jr. ('81) and Jean A. Rion

Edward C. Roberts ('62) and Beverley H. Means

H. Hugh Rogers ('54) and Maro Rogers

Whitaker B. Rose ('11)

Edward M. Royall ('53) and Helen J. Royall

Patricia M. Sabalis ('81) and Timothy A. Crowell

Ronnie A. Sabb

Lesley W. Sercer ('98)

T. J. Solomon II ('74)

John A. Sowards ('82) and Elizabeth Ann Sowards

H. Samuel Stilwell ('61) and Robin S. Stilwell

Mark M. Stubley ('88)

W. Brookes Styles ('73)

John E. Suthers ('83) and Linder Suthers

Mark C. Tanenbaum ('73)

Wesley D. Thornton ('03) and Kendra Worley Thornton ('03)

Jerry Deese Vinson, Jr. ('85) and Flo Lester Vinson ('85)

Robert B. Wallace, Sr. ('59)

Bradish J. Waring ('78)

Jennifer Watson

J. Calhoun Watson ('87) and Cathy E. McAllister Watson

Edmund B. Welch and Patricia H. Welch

E. Katherine Wells ('91) and James F. Flanagan

Edward J. Westbrook ('76) and Liesl Hughes Westbrook

Matthew Warren Couvillion ('10)
  and Elizabeth Ryan Whicker ('10)

Robert M. Wilcox ('81) and Lisa Palmer Wilcox

Charles H. Williams II ('75)
  and MacLean Limehouse Williams ('92)

Timothy Frost Williams ('94)
  and Valerie Palmer Williams ('94)

Sheila Marlouvon Willis ('11)

Margaret M. Witten ('85)

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