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School of Law

Recruitment Calendar

2021 - 2022 Admissions Recruitment Events

Date Time Event Name Event Location Keywords
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08/24/2021 10am - 3pm Carolina Cluster HBCU Professional Development Conference VIRTUAL  
08/26/2021 1:30pm - 2:30pm  Dive In! to Law School VIRTUAL  
09/08/2021 2:30pm - 6pm MINK Law Fair Overland Park Convention Center  
09/10/2021 2pm - 7pm Digital LSAC Forum  VIRTUAL  
09/11/2021 1pm - 5pm Boston Law Fair Suffolk University   
9/14/2021 11am - 1pm  Office of Pre-Professional Advising Drop-In Hours University of South Carolina - Columbia  
09/21/2021 1pm - 4pm  3rd Annual Carolina HBCU Career Talent Showcase VIRTUAL  
09/21/2021 4pm - 7pm Villanova Law School Fair VIRTUAL  
9/22/2021 12pm - 3pm  UVA Graduate & Professional School Fair VIRTUAL  
9/23/2021 12pm - 2pm  UNC Pembroke Graduate School Fair VIRTUAL  
9/24/2021 11am - 1pm  USC Upstate Sociology, Criminal Justice & Women's Studies Fair University of South Carolina - Upstate  
09/25/2021 9am - 6pm LSAC Forum - Chicago Palmer House  
9/26/2021 1pm - 4pm  Syracuse Graduate & Law Fair VIRTUAL  
09/27/2021 1pm - 4pm Syracuse Grad. & Law Fair VIRTUAL  
09/28/2021 1pm - 4pm Cornell Law & Grad. School Day VIRTUAL  
09/28/2021 3pm - 6pm  NSVR Graduate School Fair  James Madison University  
09/29/2021 11am - 1:30pm Binghamton Law Day VIRTUAL  
09/29/2021 12pm - 3pm University of West Florida Professional & Grad. School Expo VIRTUAL  
09/30/2021 1:30pm - 2:30pm  Dive In! to Law School VIRTUAL  
10/01/2021 TBD Furman Information Session VIRTUAL  
10/04/2021 11am - 3pm Virginia Tech Grad. & Professional School Fair VIRTUAL  
10/04/2021 12pm - 3pm University of Cincinnati Law Fair Tangeman University Center Atrium  
10/05/2021 11am- 2pm Ohio State Law Fair Ohio State University  
10/05/2021 3pm - 5pm Centre College Law School Fair Centre College  
10/05/2021 6pm - 8pm Dayton Metro Law Fair University of Dayton  
10/06/2021 10am - 1:30pm Lander Graduate School Fair Lander University  
10/06/2021 11:30am - 1:30pm Miami University (Ohio) Law Fair Miami University  
10/6/2021 11am - 2pm  University of Kentucky Law Schools Fair UK Gatton Student Center  
10/6/2021 5pm - 8pm  Greater Pittsburgh Law Fair VIRTUAL   
10/07/2021 11:30am - 2:30 pm Ohio University Law Fair Ohio University   
10/7/2021 2pm - 5pm  Vanderbilt University Law School Fair VIRTUAL   
10/8/2021 11am - 3pm  Penn State Graduate & Prof. School Fair VIRTUAL  
10/13/2021 11am - 1pm  Office of Pre-Professional Advising Drop-In Hours  University of South Carolina - Columbia  
10/18/2021 10am - 2pm  Florida State University Law Fair Florida State University  
10/19/2021 10am - 2pm  Florida A&M University Law Day Florida A&M  
10/19/2021 11am - 2pm  University of South Carolina & Clemson Law School Fair UofSC School of Law  
10/19/2021 4pm - 7pm  Philadelphia Law Fair VIRTUAL  
10/19/2021 4pm - 6pm  Columbia College Criminal Justice Career & Grad Fair Columbia College  
10/20/2021 10am - 2pm University of Florida Grad. & Professional School Fair VIRTUAL  
10/20/2021 4pm to 7pm  AUCC Grad & Professional School Fair VIRTUAL  
10/21/2021 10am - 12pm  Claflin University Grad. & Professional School Visitation Day VIRTUAL   
10/21/2021 3pm - 6pm  University of Georgia Law School Fair University of Georgia  
10/22/2021 8am - 6pm LSAC Forum - Atlanta Atlanta Marriot Marquis  
11/02/2021 1pm - 4pm Ole Miss Graduate School Fair VIRTUAL  
11/03/2021 12pm - 6pm North Carolina Law School Fair VIRTUAL  
11/04/2021 10am - 2pm Augusta University Pre-Law Day Augusta University  
11/05/2021 5pm - 6pm  Wofford College Pre-Law Information Session Wofford College   
11/05/2021-11/06/2021 8am - 6pm LSAC Forum - New York Sheraton NY Times Square Hotel  
11/09/2021 5pm - 7pm Florida Keys Legal Professions Day University of Florida  
11/17/2021 11am - 1pm  Limestone University Visit Limestone University  
11/18/2021 11am - 1pm  UofSC Office of Pre-Professional Advising Drop-In Hours  UofSC Pre-Law Office  
11/13/2021 8am - 6pm LSAC Forum- Los Angeles JW Marriot LA Live  
1/25/2021 TBD University of Alabama Law School Fair University of Alabama  


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