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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

Center for Retailing


Our Clients

The center serves economic development organizations; city and regional planners; community developers; chambers of commerce; local governments; national governments; regional development organizations; and local, state, federal, and international agencies. It also provides services to individual businesses on a fee-service basis. Proposals for project work are free-of-charge.

What We Can Do for You

A variety of retail-related economic development and training assistance services are offered, which are all designed to improve and capitalize on a company’s core strengths. We achieve measurable results by conducting research, providing technical assistance, training your workforce and applying a broad range of research methods including:

  • Market Feasibility Analyses: Examine the potential for a new retail store location, including a review of the market size, competition, trends and consumer profiles. Prepare a one-, five- and 10-year business plan based on specific economic, distribution and market driven characteristics.
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting Project: Used to help an organization better identify, understand, find and reach the target market more effectively. The center specializes in lifestyle segmentation and marketing efforts.
  • Economic Feasibility and Economic Analysis Evaluations: Conducted to assess the financially sound choices for a retailer to move into a community, region or state.
  • Consumer Shopping Pattern Analysis: Determine how different channels (e.g. brick-and-mortar vs. internet) influence a retailer’s sales and profits.
  • Presentations, Workshops and Newsletters: Stay on top of current fluctuations in the retail economy.

Ultimately, our goal is to effectively identify the source of your challenges and find a solution. We will map out a clear plan for applying our research so that, if followed, your business is positioned for both short-term and long-term profitability and success. 


The center provides on-site presentations to communities, organizations and businesses including:

  • Introduction to Retail Marketing: This presentation addresses the basics of the “6 P’s” (place, price, promotion, product, placement and packaging) of a successful retail marketing plan.
  • Introduction to Category Management: Learn more about the basics of category management and its implication for product distribution, inventory management and profits.
  • Influential Factors that Encourage U.S. Consumers to Buy: We will present an overview of factors that encourage U.S. consumers to purchase. We will provide examples of factors that specifically cite consumers to spend.
  • Impact of the Internet on Women-Owned Businesses: The number of women-owned businesses is on the rise. Learn about the impact that the internet has made on this growing segment of businesses.
  • Consumers Desire for Uniqueness and Its Influence on Retail Channel Selection: In an era of branded merchandise, consumers are seeking a sense of uniqueness in their clothing and home furnishings. This presentation addresses methods of marketing and selling store and national branded merchandise, while simultaneously offering uniqueness among the company’s product offerings.
  • Understanding Employees and Consumers Through Clothing and Appearance: Regardless of the product being sold (e.g. fashions, medical equipment, sail boats), consumers will have a stronger propensity to trust and patronize a store when the retailer’s image and its employees are consistent with the product offerings. This presentation addresses the facts and myths about clothing, appearance and its impact on a retailer’s sales and profits.