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South Carolina Honors College

Ceylin Ucok

Ask me about…Undergraduate research, pre-med, SWYPE (an on campus hip hop organization), and getting involved!

I am a sophomore from Greenville, South Carolina. I am double majoring in Chemistry and Anthropology. I grew up figure skating, which really pushed me towards the pre-med track after I had various sports injuries, so I plan on attending medical school after graduation. I am really interested in cultural impacts on modern medicine and would love to someday work with Doctors Without Borders.

I love: tacos, modern art, memes, dancing, poetry, and the ocean.

Currently reading: Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut. It’s a fictional autobiography of an abstract expressionist painter, who is hiding a secret in his potato barn. There’s a lot of broad humor, and though I haven’t yet discovered what he’s hiding, I have enjoyed the book thus far.

Favorite movie: Moonrise Kingdom. Wes Anderson’s aesthetics are amazing, but aside from the cinematography and whimsical love story this movie captures something real and pure about growing up.

My weakness: Lactose intolerance despite my everlasting love for ice cream :(

My dream job: Although I would love to be a doctor, my secret dream career would be traveling around the world as a free diver who works to promote ocean sustainability.

My escape: Istanbul, Turkey. It’s where my family is originally from, and I love being able to connect with my heritage every time I go. Seeing the convergence of eastern and western culture and spending time with my family has made for some blissful summers.

Something I will always do: Dance awkwardly in public.

Something I will never do: I will never stop throwing up a peace sign in photos. Honestly, I wish I could stop doing this, but it’s become a bad habit.

Something I would change about myself: I would change the C in my name to a J. My name is Turkish, so it’s pronounced “Jaylin,” which makes it really confusing when people see the actual spelling.

My advice for prospective students: Keep an open mind! Many students go into the college search process with preconceived opinions about specific schools. You never really know how much you’ll love a school without letting these thoughts go, and it could really surprise you.

My advice for current students: Keep perspective. It’s easy to let the little things get to you, but keep the bigger picture in mind. When feeling stressed out, face it head on rather than letting it overpower you. Try yoga, channeling your artistic side, or just hanging out on the Horseshoe.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: The friends I’ve made! Over the past year, I met tons people from diverse backgrounds who made my freshman year incredibly memorable. It was really nice living under the same roof as most of my close friends, and I’m glad I took advantage of the proximity.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: Before college, I was pretty adamant about attending a small, out of state school, but wanted a place where I would have lots of research opportunities. Once I realized I could have that small liberal arts college experience within a larger university setting in the SCHC, I found my perfect fit here. I love the small classes, free printing, and faculty.

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