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South Carolina Honors College

Katherine Farrell

Ask me about … public health, pre-med, getting involved on campus, internships, and research!

I’m a rising senior from Florence, South Carolina. I’m currently a pre-med Public Health major. In the future, I hope to go to medical school and pursue a medical degree and a masters in health economics. Afterwards, I would like to either be an OB/GYN or an orthopedic trauma surgeon working with rural populations and conducting public health research. I hope that in the future I can help low income, high-risk patients receive quality health care.


I love: Bagels, coffee, music, and basketball.

My dream job:  I think it would be awesome to be on SNL. I love stand-up comedy, and Kate McKinnon is my comedic icon. Unfortunately, I think that I’m a lot funnier than I actually am, so my career in comedy would probably be short-lived.

My escape: My realistic getaway location of choice is Charleston, South Carolina, but if I could go anywhere in the world, I would want to go to Lucerne, Switzerland. I went in high school, and it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life.

My favorite movie: Either Auntie Mame or the Revenant. They are literally polar opposite movies. However, I think that Auntie Mame is absolutely hilarious and timeless, and The Revenant was a very moving and beautiful film. I really enjoy movies that focus on the depiction of nature.

My favorite childhood memory: I vividly remember having Thanksgiving with my relatives in New York every year as a kid. There would be seventeen of us all piled into my aunt’s house, and I just remember it being absolutely crazy. I loved it though. My sisters, cousins, and I would create a haunted house in the basement and have the parents come watch our performance. We would also have intense games of flashlight tag in the backyard. Those were really special times that I still cherish now.  

In a movie about my life, the movie star who would play me would be:  Again, I think Kate McKinnon is a rockstar, so I would love to have her play me.

My secret: The Twilight Saga fandom hit me really hard in Middle School. That was a dark time for me.

Something I will always do: No matter how old I am, I will always sing really loud and be just a generally awkward person.

Something I will never do: I will never admit that Birkenstocks and socks aren’t supposed to go together.

Something I would change: I wish that I actually had some talent to actually back up my love for obnoxiously loud singing.

My advice for current students: Take advantage of all these amazing opportunities that the school presents to you. It is a short four years here at USC, so really try to get the most out of that time.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: I love the people that I’ve met through the Honors College. They are all interesting and driven. I find all of them to be so inspiring.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: When I was looking at colleges, I knew that I wanted a school that had plenty of opportunities that would ultimately allow me to reach my professional goals, but I also didn’t want to be lost in a crowd of students at an enormous school. I was impressed with the Honors College of South Carolina because I could tell that it was filled with faculty and staff who care a lot about the students and want them to reach their full potential. I loved that the SCHC community was intimate  despite being at such a large university. Best of all, there are so many research, internship, and study abroad opportunities that I knew would really enhance my student experience.