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South Carolina Honors College

Kinsey Besser

Ask me about... Public Health, changing your major, Greek life, and living in the Honors residence hall!

I'm a rising sophomore from only 3 hours away in Pawleys Island. I was born and bred a Gamecock, as both of my parents attended USC. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do post undergraduate school, but I love learning about public health, not only within South Carolina, but in the U.S. and globally as well. I plan to pursue something that allows me to make a positive impact on the healthcare system in the U.S.  


I love: alternative music, the mountains around Maggie Valley, NC (where my family hosts family reunions), and capybaras- which are the largest animals in the rodent family and are just plain adorable.  

Something that makes me laugh: The Office/ Parks and Recreation. I can't pick just one, that's like choosing a favorite child. I’ve watched both series twice and relate to Kelly Kapoor’s scheming and Leslie Knope’s love of waffles on a personal level.

Something new I’d like to learn: How to play the ukulele, but someone else would have to sing to the tune because that is not a talent of mine.

Songs I’ve completely memorized: Baby by Justin Bieber (even the Ludacris part) 

Favorite movie: Moonrise Kingdom. It’s a quirky film filled with dry humor and a love story-- what more could you want? Also the pastel colored aesthetic is extremely pleasing.

Favorite childhood memory: Chasing my grandparent's chickens around their farm with my cousin. This was all fun and games until the chickens realized they could chase us, and that was the end of that.

Most likely to be famous for: Meme-ing, because I have one for every situation. I’m in at least three group messages dedicated explicitly to meme-ing.

My pet peeve:  8:30 AM classes. I am NOT a morning person and only become my true self at 10AM.

I’m motivated by: Coffee. Iced, hot, dark roast, medium roast, vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon--just not decaf. I have to have at least one cup every morning, but it’s more enjoyable to be around me after I’ve had 2.

My advice for prospective students:  Keep your options open when looking at schools. As someone who swore I would never go to my parent's alma mater (and actually was sold on attending "that school in the north of the state"), I know it is easy to write off a school you may not know a lot about. Tour around and really try to learn as much as you can. I did, and it led me to my home away from home. 

My advice for current students: Everything is going to be fine! Although it can get hectic trying to balance academics, social life, and lock down a major, you have so many resources at your disposal to allow yourself to breathe.  

My favorite thing about the Honors College: Definitely the other students. My friends in the SCHC are always down to go to honors events, do things around the city of Columbia, stay in for movie nights, and of course, encourage me to push myself academically. We really have become like a little family.  

My reason for choosing the SCHC: I initially had not planned on applying to honors. However, a few months following submitting my general application, a high school friend told me everything they knew about SCHC-  the small classes, the residence hall, the priority registration, etc. After my last round of standardized tests broke the threshold to apply, I decided (a week before the deadline date) to ask for the application and overnighted it that same week. Thank goodness I did because I have loved every second of it!