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South Carolina Honors College

Endowments: Build a Strong Future

An endowment is an investment in the future of the Honors College. It is a designated fund that you can name and establish the purpose, if desired. The fund may be created through the donation of cash, marketable securities or other liquid assets. Endowed funds are typically intended to be held in perpetuity (forever), with the investment earning from those funds made available (at least in part) to spend in support of the purpose of the endowment. Endowments may be funded over a period of time not to exceed five years.

What does it cost to create an endowment?

An endowment requires a minimum gift of $25,000. Named endowments may support partial scholarships or fellowships for a specific academic discipline or program, academic and research programs, etc.

A minimum gift of $100,000 is required to establish an endowed scholarship fund designated for a specific academic discipline or program with restrictions or preferences.

A minimum of $100,000 is required to establish an endowed lectureship.

This premier in-state scholarship requires an endowment requires a minimum gift of $400,000.

How do endowments work?

Endowment funds are managed to provide a permanent source of income to support the educational mission of the University. The endowment, a set of pooled assets, is generally comprised of many individual funds and is invested in a purposeful and accountable manner in order to generate income that:

  • honor the donors’ intended purposes for their gift;
  • support the operating budget of the institution; and, 
  • are re-invested to protect the value of the endowment against inflation.

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