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The Golden Age of Spain & Portugal; History & Culture



May 8 - May 27, 2023 (travel occurs May 12-27, 2023)


Program Fee: $4,000

*Includes housing, some meals and several excursions.

Deposit Deadline:  Dec. 2, 2022

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Program fee does not include roundtrip airfare, tuition or the study abroad fee



For flexibility, students book their own flight. Program leaders will share their flight itinerary with the class and students often fly as a group on the international leg of the trip.

Study Abroad Application

~$150.00 Fee to the Education Abroad Office for administrative preparation.
Tuition Varies Students should check with the Bursar’s Office to see how much this 3-credit hour course will charge them in tuition.
International Insurance ~$11/week Fee that the Education Abroad Office adds to each students bill who studies abroad.  The policy provides medical and mental health coverage, but it is NOT trip interruption insurance.

The Class

Taught by:  Matthew Childs, Christina Sayers, M.S.

Pre-requisites:  There is no prerequisite for this course.

Course attributes: Honors HISTCIV, or Honors BTC (Carolina Core - GHS (Non US-History) and VSR)

COVID-19 Vaccinations: 2 shots + booster

The aim of this course is to explore how conquest, colonization, and human captivity shaped the history, cultural values, and social ethics that brought together the European, African, and Indigenous civilizations in the Americas.  As this course is taught in an experiential learning format abroad in Spain and Portugal, we will balance covering the broad history of the Americas with specific readings and materials dealing with the Iberian Peninsula.  In the first part of the course, we examine the process whereby Spain and Portugal expanded out of Europe and constructed the largest political empires spanning the globe.  Utilizing primary sources from the era and analysis by historians, we will examine what historical values and social ethics guided the Spanish and Portuguese during the period they refer to as their “Golden Age.”  In the second part of the course, we utilize primary and secondary sources to examine in detail the new cultures born out of the processes of  Conquest and  Colonization  through creating new religious values, political rights, and social ethics.  Collectively, through  course materials and on-site experiential learning in Spain and Portugal, SCHC 400/HIST 110 contextualizes the beliefs and values of the conquerors that forged the colonial order, and probes the moral and ideological responses of the colonized as they struggled to assert their own rights in constructing a new society.

Trip Itinerary

Trip Itinerary to be announced. 

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