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Beyond the Classroom: Study Away

Students may fulfill the BTC requirement through the successful completion of a Study Away course. The Honors College actively encourages students to enrich their educational experience by studying away from campus. “Study Away” includes both domestic and international (or “study abroad”) opportunities.  Student must receive course credit for the study away activity.  To fulfill the BTC requirement, the experience must be, at the least, a summer short-term program (at least 3 weeks).  Students will not receive BTC credit for a course that includes a study away component, such as a spring break trip.

Honors College and departmental study away courses are both eligible to fulfill the Honors BTC requirement and Honors elective requirement.

Semester Away Programs

Students who choose to study away for a full semester will be granted six credit hours towards Honors requirements. Three will fulfill the BTC requirement, and three will fulfill an Honors Elective. This allows students to study off-campus while maintaining Honors progression. To learn more about semester away opportunities and course-planning, students will communicate with their honors and major advisors and plan a visit to UofSC’s Study Abroad Office

The American College of Greece “Honors Program”

Students have a unique opportunity to study away for a semester or a year in Athens, Greece, at the American College of Greece.  Here students are able to take honors courses that fulfill South Carolina Honors College requirements.  Students must have these honors courses pre-approved by the associate dean of the Honors College and their assigned Honors advisor before beginning coursework in Greece.  Students can receive up to 12 honors credit hours, including the BTC requirement.  Please note once a student finishes their classes at ACG, they must submit a final transcript to UofSC to have this experience fulfill their honors requirements. 

Year Away

Students also have the opportunity to study away for a year, and the Honors College grants 12 credits towards Honors requirements in this situation. Three will fulfill the BTC requirement, and nine will fulfill Honors Electives. This way, students are able to study off-campus while maintaining Honors progression.

To learn more about opportunities and course planning, it is vital students communicate with their advisors and visit the Study Abroad Office.

National Student Exchange

Honors students who participate in the National Student Exchange (NSE) engage in exciting classroom opportunities at other participating universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Eligibility guidelines differ from institution to institution, so interested students should research different opportunities and speak with the Study Abroad Office. If participating in an NSE, students will receive Honors credit the same as they would for a semester away (six credit hours).

In some cases, students have the option of taking Honors classes while away if the university they are visiting offers an Honors program. Students should reach out to their honors advisor if they are planning on taking honors classes at another institution. All classes are reviewed for honors credit on a case-by-case basis.

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