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SC Semester Program

The South Carolina Semester Internship Program affords students in any major the opportunity from to work in state government while earning academic credit.

Columbia is the Center of South Carolina Government

Students serve as interns in the South Carolina General Assembly, the Office of the Governor and in a broad range of state agencies. Through this practical experience students have the chance to witness firsthand the operation of state government and various facets of public service. This program is applicable to all majors. The decisions made by state lawmakers affect all facets of life and all professions. Understanding how state government operates will be an advantage regardless of your career path.


This internship is competitive, and students are accepted from all of the university's academic departments. Applicants must have a 3.5 grade point average or better and qualify for sophomore, junior or senior status based on the total number of hours earned at the University of South Carolina, credit transferred from other colleges, or AP/IB credit earned. Students must possess maturity and a strong work ethic to serve in a legislative or government office as a representative of the South Carolina Semester Internship Program.

Course and Credit

The seminar course, which accompanies the internship, is a three-credit-hour class, SCHC 333. The class dwells heavily on state government operations and public policy issues. In addition, students have the chance to discuss current state government issues with a range of guest speakers, including government officials and state agency administrators. 

Both the internship and seminar class must be taken together for a total of six credit hours. While participating in the South Carolina Internship program, most students only enroll in an additional nine credit hours due to the time required for the internship work. This program is offered during the spring semester only.

Hours and Compensation

The South Carolina Semester Program students intern 20 hours per week throughout the semester and are paid $2,000.

After the Internship

By the end of each semester, many students in the program receive offers to continue working in their internship office. Students who are graduating have been offered full-time positions or supported by letters of reference or connections to other opportunities.


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