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My Honors College

Override Policy

An override is a special clearance that grants you the ability to register for a class that has already reached its stated capacity. The Honors College strives to maintain small class sizes so overrides into Honors sections are rare. Only the Honors College can grant overrides to Honors College classes. Overrides will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

However in unusual circumstances, overrides are granted for compelling reasons. These reasons include a) you need a specific honors course immediately in order to graduate from the University with honors from the Honors College  (this typically only applies to honors students in their last year of college), and b) a class has been cancelled or changed, or you have been given inaccurate information by an advisor.

Reasons for an override which are not compelling include you would really like to take the course because you love the instructor or that the course fits particularly well with your schedule. There are times that even a compelling reason for an override does not result in an override, because the class is at capacity according to the fire code or the academic unit is very strict about class size.

To request an override, complete the form below.