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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the end of the Summer II semester (Aug 1). Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

College of Engineering and Computing

Distance Education

The College of Engineering and Computing offers certain online courses for busy professionals seeking advanced degrees.

Executive Masters Programs

The college has executive offerings for students seeking advanced preparation and training in technical areas that do not require original research. For more information on these programs, including how to apply, follow the links below.

Master of Engineering Management

Cybersecurity Certificate

Master of Health Information Technology

The Department of Integrated Information Technology offers the Master of Health Information Technology (MHIT) to those who wish to enter a career in health informatics or who wish to enhance their information technology careers. More information about the MHIT, including information on how to apply, can be found here: Master of Health Information Technology.


Certain departments in the college offer masters and doctoral-level coursework through its APOGEE program (A Program of Graduate Engineering Education). These are intended primarily for engineers and computer scientists in industry. Courses are available through streaming video. These courses are offered in the following departments:

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering, which also delivers coursework in Aerospace Engineering and Nuclear Engineering.

Students receive APOGEE courses via streaming video provided through University Instructional Services. Students may enroll in the Graduate School as non-degree seeking if they simply wish to take some graduate level coursework via APOGEE. Or, students may take all of the coursework required for the Master of Engineering degree, which does not require a research-based thesis. Students seeking a Master of Science or PhD degree may still take their coursework via APOGEE and can contact the department about how to fulfill the research requirements for the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. 


APOGEE Courses

Various courses are offered three times a year following a tri-semester plan: Spring, Summer and Fall. Before you are allowed to register for classes, you will be required to be advised by a faculty member. You will be assigned a faculty advisor by your department or you may request a particular faculty member, if you wish to do so.

ECIV 520: Structural Analysis II
ECIV 524: Structural Vibrations
ECIV 555: Principles of Municipal Solid Waste Engineering
ECIV 580: Railway Engineering I
ECIV 588: Design of Railway Bridges and Structures
ECIV 705: Deterministic Civil and Environmental Systems Engineering
ECIV 720: Advanced Structural Mechanics and Analysis
ECIV 724: Dynamics of Structures
ECIV 725: Advanced Analysis and Design in Structural Metals
ECIV 727: Advanced Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete
ECIV 728: Prestressed Concrete Analysis and Design
ECIV 730: Advanced Soil Mechanics
ECIV 731: Slope Stability, Retaining Systems and Lateral Earth Pressure
ECIV 736: Ground Improvement Techniques
ECIV 737: Advanced Foundation Design
ECIV 748: Traffic Flow Theory
ECIV 750: Principles of Environmental Engineering Process
ECIV 751: Water and Wastewater Treatment Theory I
ECIV 752: Water and Wastewater Treatment Theory II
ECIV 755: Industrial Wastewater Treatment
ECIV 767: Sediment Transport and River Mechanics
ECIV 790: Advanced Composite Materials for Civil Structures
ECIV 790: Analysis and Design of Transportation Systems
ECIV 790: Delta Morphodynamics
ECIV 790: Force Main Hydraulics
ECIV 790: Intermodal Freight Transport
ECIV 790: Railway Dynamics
ECIV 790: Rail Operations

CSCE 513: Computer Architecture
CSCE 515: Computer Network Programming
CSCE 520: Database System Design

CSCE 522: Information Security Principles
CSCE 531: Compiler Construction
CSCE 551: Theory of Computation
CSCE 715: Network Systems Security
CSCE 727: Information Warfare
CSCE 740: Software Engineering
CSCE 743: Software Requirements
CSCE 747: Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CSCE 750 Analysis of Algorithms
CSCE 763: Digital Image Processing
CSCE 813: Internet Security
CSCE 824: Secure Database Systems

EMCH 501: Engineering Analysis I
EMCH 508: Finite Elemental Analysis in Mechanical Engineering
EMCH 544: Compressible Fluid Flow
EMCH 552: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
EMCH 556: Introduction to Risk Analysis
EMCH 557: Introduction to Radiation Shielding and Sources
EMCH 561-1: Topics in Mechanical Engineering
EMCH 571: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
EMCH 573: Introduction to Nuclear Materials
EMCH 577: Aerospace Structures
EMCH 584: Advanced Mechanics of Materials
EMCH 721: Aeroelasticity
EMCH 742: Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion
EMCH 751: Advanced Heat Transfer
EMCH 754: Thermal Hydraulic Design of Nuclear Reactor
EMCH 756: Safety Analysis for Energy Systems
EMCH 757: Radiation Shielding
EMCH 785: Design of Composite Materials for Aerospace Structures
EMCH 882: Fracture Mechanics


Apply to APOGEE

APOGEE students follow the same procedures as the on-campus graduate applicants.

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