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College of Engineering and Computing

Accelerated Graduate Degrees

Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees Accelerated Programs at the College of Engineering and Computing allow undergraduate students to complete both the bachelor's and master's degrees in as few as five years. The use of dual credit — courses that can be used toward both degrees — enables acceleration of the program, reducing the total enrollment of the student by one semester.

Engineering and computing undergraduate students may apply for approval of an accelerated education plan in the semester in which they will complete 90 hours of undergraduate course work. In addition, students must have a sufficient foundation in their  engineering and computing course work to enable them to take graduate-level courses. University and program regulations stipulate that applicants must meet minimum GPA requirements, both overall and in engineering and computing courses. Students in the accelerated program must maintain the minimum GPA requirements while pursuing the B.S. degree.

Students applying to this program must submit to The Graduate School a completed "Accelerated Bachelor's/Graduate Study Plan Authorization" with endorsements of the undergraduate advisor, research advisor and the program graduate director. The dean of The Graduate School has final authority for approving accelerated education plans. An "Accelerated Bachelor's/Graduate Plan Course Authorization" form must be submitted for each semester in which one or more of these courses are taken.

Completion of graduate-level course work in the accelerated program does not require or insure acceptance into The Graduate School. Students wishing to continue towards a master’s degree must apply formally to the USC Graduate School by submitting the appropriate application and all required supporting documents. Students in the accelerated program will be eligible for graduate assistantships upon admission to The Graduate School.

Only graduate-level courses (numbered 500 and above, including up to 3 credit hours of project/research work) satisfying both B.S. and Master’s degree requirements may be used for dual credit. Talk to your program advisor for specific requirements.


Application Procedure

  1. Obtain endorsements from the undergraduate academic advisor, research advisor and the graduate director.
  2. Fill out the Accelerated Bachelor's/Graduate Study Plan Authorization (G-BGPA) form in consultation with your academic advisor and the graduate director and obtain required signatures. The G-BGPA form can be found in The Graduate School forms library
  3. Submit the completed G-BGPA and G-BGCA forms to The Graduate School for approval. Approval of admission to the accelerated program and course enrollment privileges must be obtained before classes for the term begin. No retroactive permission is given.
  4. Students who wish to be considered for graduate admission to a master’s program at USC must also submit to The Graduate School a completed application and any additional credentials, scores and/or documentation as required by that master’s program.

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