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College of Engineering and Computing

Nuclear Engineering

Our People

To deliver our collaborative program in the interdisciplinary field of Nuclear Engineering, our core and affiliated faculty include faculty from Mechanical Engineering Department.

Academic Faculty


Emeritus Faculty


Affiliated Faculty


Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Thad Adams

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Madalina Badea

Dr. Badea specializes in sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification, as well as predictive modelling (including data assimilation, model calibration and validation). 


Dr. Leo Carrilho

Dr. Carrilho’s research and interests include product design and analysis, modeling of manufacturing processes, nuclear fuel material, structural and thermo hydraulic performance, experimental and finite element analysis of structures and components, experimental and finite element/volume analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer.


Dr. Xu Cheng

Prof. Cheng's research fields are nuclear thermal-hydraulics and nuclear safety.


Dr. John Dorning

Adjunct Professor

Dr. kaoumi

Dr. Djamel Kaoumi

Dr. Kaoumi’s research interests are in developing a mechanistic understanding of microstructure-property relationships, with an emphasis on microstructure evolution under harsh environment (i.e. irradiation, high temperature, and mechanical stress) and how it can impact macroscopic properties and performance.   


Dr. L Larry Hamm



Dr. Jeff Norrell



Dr. Christopher C. Pain

Dr. Pain's academic interests are in general Computational Fluid Dynamics (including multi-phase flow, oceanography and geophysical fluid dynamics), nuclear safety, optimization, numerical research, including parallel solution techniques, recurrent and feed-forward neural networks, a prior error measures and mesh adaptivity, discretisation techniques, resolution of linear and non-linear equations, non-linear dynamics, numerical shape description and differential geometry.


Prof. James Tulenko

Adjunct Professor

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