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College of Engineering and Computing

Nuclear Engineering

Our People

To deliver our collaborative program in the interdisciplinary field of Nuclear Engineering, our core and affiliated faculty include faculty from Mechanical Engineering Department.

Academic Faculty


Emeritus Faculty


Affiliated Faculty


Dr. Abdel Bayoumi

Dr. Bayomi's research interest includes Smart Predictive Systems, CBM, Design, Advanced Manufacturing and Biomechanics.


Dr. Yuh J. Chao

Dr. Chao's research and interests include theoretical and experimental studies on failure, fracture and fatigue of materials and structures, welding modeling for residual stress and distortion, impact mechanics for material characterization and failure criterion, biomechanics and nanomechanics, and the durability of PEM fuel cell systems.


Dr. Fanglin(Frank) Chen

Dr. Chen's research and interests include synthesis and characterization of materials for energy conversion and storage, microstructure property relationship, electroceramics and solid state ionic devices, electrochemical performance evaluation, materials and designs for solid oxide fuel cells.


Dr. Xinyu Huang

Dr. Huang's research interests include mechanics and durability of functional and structural composite materials, in particular, composite materials in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells, structural composites, and coatings.


Dr. Michael Sutton

Dr. Sutton's research and interests include coherent and incoherent optics applications, experimental mechanics, digital image processing, Computer Vision, applications of integral methods and experimental mechanics, boundary valve problems, plastic fracture mechanics, finite elements modeling of cracked bodies.


Dr. Lingyu Yu

Dr. Lingyu Yu’s research interests include structural health monitoring (SHM) and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) using ultrasonic guided waves supported by active sensor technology, theoretical modeling, advanced signal processing and data analysis; damage diagnosis in complicated structures; scanning laser vibrometry for guided wave propagation; and mechatronics.


Val Loiselle

Prof. Loiselle's research and interests include nuclear engineering, environmental remediation, emphasis on waste management and disposal of EPA pond closures and metal recycle manufacturing.


Dr. Elwyn Roberts

Dr. Robert's research and interests include materials performance in nuclear reactors, product design, manufacturing and concurrent engineering.


Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Thad Adams

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Madalina Badea

Dr. Badea specializes in sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification, as well as predictive modelling (including data assimilation, model calibration and validation). 


Dr. Mel Buckner

At present, Dr. Buckner is involved in the coordination of university programs for SRS and is the liaison with Site Integration and Program Development for new mission activities such as plutonium disposition, advanced fuel cycle initiatives, and the SRS energy park including nuclear hydrogen production and university research reactor. He is also responsible for professional recruiting for SRTC (primarily of candidates with MS or PhD degrees).


Dr. Leo Carrilho

Dr. Carrilho’s research and interests include product design and analysis, modeling of manufacturing processes, nuclear fuel material, structural and thermo hydraulic performance, experimental and finite element analysis of structures and components, experimental and finite element/volume analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer.


Dr. Xu Cheng

Prof. Cheng's research fields are nuclear thermal-hydraulics and nuclear safety.


Dr. John Dorning

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Max Gorensek

Dr. Max's current focus is on flowsheet development, simulation, and optimization of the Hybrid Sulfur (HyS) process for a DOE Office of Nuclear Energy, Science, & Technology (DOE-NE)-sponsored effort under the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative (NHI).


Dr. Joshua Gray


Dr. kaoumi

Dr. Djamel Kaoumi

Dr. Kaoumi’s research interests are in developing a mechanistic understanding of microstructure-property relationships, with an emphasis on microstructure evolution under harsh environment (i.e. irradiation, high temperature, and mechanical stress) and how it can impact macroscopic properties and performance.   


Dr. L Larry Hamm



Dr. Jeff Norrell



Dr. Christopher C. Pain

Dr. Pain's academic interests are in general Computational Fluid Dynamics (including multi-phase flow, oceanography and geophysical fluid dynamics), nuclear safety, optimization, numerical research, including parallel solution techniques, recurrent and feed-forward neural networks, a prior error measures and mesh adaptivity, discretisation techniques, resolution of linear and non-linear equations, non-linear dynamics, numerical shape description and differential geometry.


Dr. Bill Summers

His research involves the engineering of hydrogen storage beds and the development of mathematical models to analyze bed performance, including heat transfer enhancement.


Dr. Wei Tang

Research Assistant Professor


Adrian E. Mendez Torres



Prof. James Tulenko

Adjunct Professor