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College of Engineering and Computing

Bachelor of Science

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree with a major in Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the design, development, and manufacture of both mechanical and thermal systems. These systems may vary from the internal combustion engine to power automobiles and airplanes to the use of computer vision in biomedical and automated manufacturing applications.

The objective of the mechanical engineering undergraduate program is to produce graduates who within a few years of graduate will

  • Lead successful practicing careers or be engaged in effective advanced graduate studies
  • Establish themselves as responsible and ethical citizen engineers
  • Challenge themselves to innovate and collaborate in evolving work environments


Sample Curriculum

Our sample curriculum walks you through a typical four-year sequence. Lab courses build on the content of other courses, so it is important that you take them in the right sequence, and at the right times, so that you can successfully integrate the knowledge gained in other classes into a solid understanding of Mechanical Engineering.

Year One

First Semester Second Semester
Number Title Credits Number Title Credits
MATH 141 Calculus I 4 MATH 142 Calculus II 4
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I 4 CHEM 112 General Chemistry II 4
ENGL 101 Critical Reading and Comprehension 3 ENGL102 Rhetoric and Composition 3
EMCH 101 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 3 EMCH 111 Graphics and Visualization 3
ELECTIVE Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding Elective 3 PHYS 211 Essentials of Physics I and Lab (211L) 4
  Total Hours for Semester 17   Total Hours for Semester 18


Year Two

First Semester Second Semester
Number Title Credits Number Title Credits
MATH 241 Vector Calculus 3 MATH 242 Differential Equations 3
PHYS 212 Essentials of Physics II and Lab (212L) 4 ELCT 220 Electrical Engineering 3
EMCH 200 Statics 3 EMCH 260 Mechanics of Solids 3
EMCH 200 Numerical Methods 3 EMCH 290 Thermodynamics 3
STAT 509 Statistics for Engineers 3 EMCH 361 ME Lab I 3
  Total Hours for Semester 16   Total Hours for Semester 15


Year Three

First Semester Second Semester
Number Title Credits Number Title Credits
EMCH 327 Design of Mechanical Elements 3 EMCH 330 Mechanical Vibration 3
EMCH 394 Thermodynamics Design and Analysis 3 EMCH 332 Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanics 3
EMCH 360 Fluids 3 EMCH 354 Heat Transfer 3
EMCH 310 Dynamics 3 EMCH 371 Engineering Materials 3
EMCH 362 ME Lab II 3 EMCH 363 ME Lab II 3
  Total Hours for Semester 15   Total Hours for Semester 15


Year Four

First Semester Second Semester
Number Title Credits Number Title Credits
EMCH 427 Mechanical Design I 3 EMCH 428 Capstone Design Project II 3
EMCH 377 Manufacturing 3 ELECTIVE EMCH Elective 3
ELECTIVE Technical Elective 3 ELECTIVE Values, Ethics and Social Responsibilities Elective 3
ELECTIVE Social Science Elective 3 ELECTIVE Historical Thinking Elective 3
  Total Hours for Semester 15   Total Hours for Semester 15



The Undergraduate Bulletin
The academic bulletin is the university's official document of record concerning graduate-level academic programs and regulations. This is where you can find specific curriculum and required courses for the B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering.

Co and Prerequisites
Many of the courses required for the Mechanical Engineering degree have prerequisites and/or co-requisites. It is the student’s responsibility to insure that they have the proper co and prerequisites for each course.

Carolina Core
Carolina Core is the foundation of USC’s undergraduate academic experience. Carolina Core courses prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to thrive in an increasingly complex world. You must meet all of the Carolina Core requirements, which will depend on their selection of courses. During advisement, the department can provide updated lists of approved courses. To meet the Carolina Core Global Citizenship-Foriegn Language requirement, a score of "2" or better is required on the Foreign Language Placement Test. Otherwise, an approved 3 hour Carolina Core GFL course must be passed to meet the Foreign Language requirement.


How can I enhance my degree?

Capstone Design Initiative

As an undergraduate student, you'll test your knowledge in real-world applications. The Capstone Design course is a required course for seniors that pairs a student team with an industry partner on a project to design an engineering or computing solution to a business problem.

Accelerated Program

With our Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees Accelerated Program you may be eligible to complete both the bachelor's degree and master's degree in as few as five years. The use of dual credit-courses that can be used toward both degrees enables acceleration of the program, reducing the total enrollment of the student by one semester. Find if you have what it takes by exploring the admission criteria and additional requirements for the accelerated program.

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