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College of Engineering and Computing



Conformal Reconfigurable Structural Antenna

This work is sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory and focuses on the design and development of conformal reconfigurable structural antennas. Antenna design focuses on structural parameters and materials and strives to achieve broad operating bandwidth, high gain, and large Forward to Backward (F/B) ratios).

Smart Antenna

Smart Antennas

This NSF funded research focuses on the design and development of high performance pattern reconfigurable antennas for the handheld and wearable platforms. Pattern reconfiguration for MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) are achieved using miniature RF switches, such as PIN diodes and varactor diodes.



This work is sponsored by Boeing and it focuses on the design and development of metamaterial structure for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) reduction.

RF Heating of Materials

This work focuses on the near-field and far-field RF induced heating of composite and nano materials for various applications. This work is in collaboration with the USC McNAIR Aerospace center and the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL).

Additional Research

Our recent interests also include mm-wave phased array antenna design and development for 5G in collaboration with Profs. Simin, Chandra, Saquib (UTD) and Arslan (USF). Professor Ali is also interested in wireless sensor research and wireless power transfer for infrastructure health monitoring.


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