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College of Engineering and Computing

Career Plans

At USC, your career has NO LIMITS. So think out of the box. Think unlimited. Where should your career carry you? What kind of electrical engineer do you want to be?

We've put together a few sample career plans out of a nearly infinite set! Each plan consists of three career concentration courses and two career competitiveness courses. Together, these complete the five career plan courses in your program of study.

First, choose your career concentration courses to become proficient in the sub-discipline of electrical engineering that matches your career ambitions and your interests — remember, you want to have fun in your future job! Then choose your career competitiveness courses to give yourself a competitive advantage over all of the other electrical engineering graduates out there. Think big. Think unlimited. When the time comes, fill out the Career Plan form and bring it to your advisement session.

So, create a career plan to reach your goal. If you're not sure where your starship should land, talk to your faculty advisor, and he or she will help you chart a course.


Secure communications IC

I want to design integrated circuits for secure communications

In this job you might design and build integrated circuits for commercial and defense applications, both analog and digital RF communication systems. You might work for a company such as Intel, Qualcomm, Raytheon, Apple or Google.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Wireless communications antenna

I want to design wireless communications networks

You may be responsible for designing, building, integrating and operating highly capable communication platforms around the world. You might work for a company such as Apple, Qualcomm, Raytheon or Lockheed-Martin.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Welding robot in a production facility

I want to build robots

Change the world by designing propulsion, navigation, communication, or control systems for robotic machinery. Applications could range from disaster recovery robots to self-driving cars. You might work for a company such as iRobots.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Electrical substation

I want to be a smart-grid engineer

Smart grid engineers are responsible for energy storage and grid-interfacing technologies (power electronics), as well as advanced controls and circuit protection. You might work for a company such as SCE&G, Eaton or ABB.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Signal Integrity

I want to be a signal integrity engineer

Signal integrity engineers ensure data signal integrity in leading-edge high-frequency electronic systems by working to mitigate the effects of capacitive and inductive coupling between signal traces and vias. You might work for a company such as a company such as Intel, Oracle, Ansys, Agilent, IBM, SPAWAR or Cisco.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Electric car charging

I want to design electric cars

The future of automobiles is electrification.  You may design electronic circuits, electric power train and other components of next generation vehicles. You might work for a company such as Ford, GM, Tesla or BMW.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Unmanned aircraft

I want to design unmanned aircraft

Unmanned aircraft (and other vehicles) are increasingly important in military, research and transportation.  In this job you may design aircraft electronic circuits, sensoring systems, communication systems and other components. You might work for a company such as Boeing.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Telephone confrence

I want to be a sales engineer for power systems equipment

Being a sales engineer means being the company's representative, selling equipment to electric utility companies, systems integrators, or large construction firms.  Power systems equipment is the example is given. To sell different equipment, choose the appropriate technical content. You might work for a company such as ABB, GE, Cutler Hammer or Square D.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

MRI machine

I want to design medical electronics

Improve people's lives by designing and building electronic pills, electronic diagnostic systems, medical imaging such as MRI, systems for laser surgeries etc. You might work for a company such as Johnson & Johnson, Siemens AG or GE Healthcare.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Solar Cell

I want to be an expert on renewable energy

Renewable energy is the future of energy.  You might design electric and electronic components and systems for solar cell systems, wind energy and other renewable energy sources. You might work for a company such as GE, FirstSolar or Duke Energy.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Industrial Plant

I want to be a plant manager

A plant manager will be in charge of power distribution and automation systems in a factory, managing equipment upgrades, refits, and new installations. You might work for a company such as International Paper, Nucor or Carolina Eastman.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Production Line Manager

I want to be a production line manager

Production line management involves the planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes. Power electronics production line example is given. To produce other items, choose the relevant technical content. You might work for a company such as Eaton, ABB, Flextronics or Bose.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Cell Phone

I want to design electronic gadgets

Mobile devices have changed our world.  Electronic designers will be needed to design electronic components for personal computers, smartphones, gaming systems, sport, entertainment etc. You might work for a company such as Google, Apple, Motorola or Philips.  Career-appropriate classes are ...


I want to develop optoelectronics

Help brighten our future with higher efficiency lighting sources! You might work in the lighting industry, computer visions systems, fiber-optic communications. You might work for a company such as Corning, Infinera or Time Warner Cable.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Semiconductor Lab

I want to work in the semiconductor industry

You might design and fabricate electronic and optical semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. The person may be responsible for designing high speed and multifunctional devices for laptops, smartphones, tablets to enhance their performance, and add functionalities such as environmental monitoring and security. You might work for a company such as GE, Intel, SET Inc, Texas Instrument, Triquint or CREE.  Career-appropriate classes are ...

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.